cigarette smoker

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Noun1.cigarette smoker - a smoker of cigarettescigarette smoker - a smoker of cigarettes    
smoker, tobacco user - a person who smokes tobacco
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AT last someone has taken action against a cigarette smoker discarding a cigarette out of a car ('Fine for throwing cig out of window', ' October 17).
A World Health Organisation study found that a cigarette smoker typically takes between eight and 12 puffs, inhaling 0.
People breathing the smoke from these boilers have a lifetime cancer risk of 1 in 1,000--practically the same odds faced by a cigarette smoker.
MARGARET McTear lost her cigarette smoker husband to lung cancer.
While the cigarette smoker is today considered a social pariah, those with a proud cigar are welcomed with open arms (you'll often hear people proclaiming how they just love the smell of cigar smoke).
It is quite analogous to the cigarette smoker who, when offered 'low-nicotine' cigarettes, just smokes more of them," explains researcher Daniel Steinberg of the University of California, San Diego.
During an hour session with a pipe, a smoker can inhale as much smoke as a cigarette smoker would from 100-200 cigarettes.
REFORMED cigarette smoker Jerry Sheard has raised more than pounds 2,500 for Mencap after taking part in the New York Marathon.
Only one case of malignancy was detected: a non-Hodgkin's lymphoma in one tonsil of a patient who was a cigarette smoker and who had asymmetric tonsils.
Bob Dole, a former cigarette smoker, wants to crack down on pot.
A Philip Morris researcher, reporting to his superiors the results of a confidential 1972 conference of tobacco industry scientists, noted that "No one has ever become a cigarette smoker by smoking cigarettes without nicotine.