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or cin•é

(ˈsɪn i, ˈsɪn eɪ)

n., pl. cin•es or cin•és.
1. a film; motion picture.
2. a motion-picture theater.
[1920–25; < French ciné, short for cinéma cinema]


a combining form meaning “motion picture”: cinemicrography.
[extracted from cinema]


[ˈsɪnɪ] CPD (Brit) cine camera Ncámara f cinematográfica
cine film Npelícula f de cine
cine projector Nproyector m de películas


cine camera
n (Brit) → (Schmal)filmkamera f
cine film
n (Brit) → Schmalfilm m
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Event organizers say CINE will be "the most important event in Asia for nonwovens this fall," and represents an excellent new promotional venue for suppliers of raw materials, machinery and equipment, nonwoven roll or matt goods, converters, consultants, and brand owners.
So being, CINE FAVELA, the first movie theater founded in a favela community in the world was born, lending it name to the sociocultural project.
NYSE: FC) announced today that Franklin Covey and Kaleidoscope Pictures are winners of three new CINE Golden Eagle Awards in the 2012 CINE Golden Eagle Film and Video Competition.
Among great talents whose first major awards included the CINE Gold Eagle are Steven Spielberg and Ron Howard, and such documentarians as Ken Burns, Charles Guggenheim, Stanley Nelson, Albert Maysles and Frederick Wiseman.
Steven Spielberg, Stanley Nelson, Ken Burns, Mira Nair and Ron Howard, among many others, won CINE Golden Eagles early in their careers.
CINE conducts two competitions each year, and the current one began in August 2007.
Siemens and CINE, along with industry executives from Discovery Communications, Eastman Kodak, Henninger Media Services, Clear Channel Entertainment Television, and National Geographic Television & Film selected Lasergraphics based on the criteria of creativity and audience appeal, effect on production, and adaptability.