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also cin·e·ast  (sĭn′ē-ăst) or cin·é·aste (sĭn′ā-äst′)
1. A film or movie enthusiast.
2. A person involved in filmmaking.

[French cinéaste, from ciné, cinema, short for cinéma; see cinema.]


(Film) an enthusiast for films
[C20: French, from cinema + -aste, as -ast in enthusiast]


or cin•e•ast or cin•é•aste

(ˈsɪn iˌæst, ˈsɪn eɪ-)

1. any person, esp. a director or producer, associated professionally with filmmaking.
2. an aficionado of filmmaking.
[1925–30; < French cinéaste=ciné- cine- + -aste, as in ecclésiaste, gymnaste, etc.; see -ast]


[ˈsɪnɪæst] Ncinéfilo/a m/f


nCineast(in) m(f), → Kinoliebhaber(in) m(f)
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The idea to have a local edition of the Venice filmfest began when Sergio Boero, president of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines and a cineast, could not find any screening of 'Ang Babaeng Humayo' right after it won the highest prize at the 2016 Venice Film Festival.
The jaw-dropping spectacle left French cineast Pierre Rissient, a guest in Morelia, stunned (or, as he put it, making an appropriately classical reference, meduse).
As a journalist, her year-long witness of a celebrated cineast at work enables her to recognize the creativity of a revolutionary, while a bread-making grandmother 'puts her cats eyes' on the father of her first-born.
Hugo Claus (1929-2008), gedoodverfd Nobelprijs-kandidaat en laureaat van de prestigieuze Europese Aristeion-prijs (naast Cees Nooteboom, Herta Muller, Salman Rushdie, en Christoph Ransmayr), schrijver en schilder, theaterregisseur en cineast, was de auteur van een stilistisch bijzonder rijk geschakeerd en omvangrijk literair oeuvre.
American cineast Joe Dante, honored at Locarno in 1998, summed up the event: "Locarno is a user-friendly festival where the movies are the stars.
IN A TRIBUTE to the great Left Bank filmmaker Alain Resnais published shortly after his death at ninety-one on March 1, fellow director and sometime collaborator Agnes Varda remarked that he was a cineast who proved his love for filmmaking to the very end of his life.
Enter dynamic Brazilian cineast, Glaucia Baena Soares, who, with the support of the Organization of American States, has established the Americas Film Festival in Washington, D.
A documentary about the funeral of Glauber Rocha; the Brazilian cineast, critic and journalist.
Iranian helmer Abbas Kiarostami ("The Taste of Cherries") will preside over a jury now confirmed as including Britain's Michael Winner, actresses Maria Grazia Cucinotta and Assumpta Serna, Brazilian producer Luiz Carlos Barreto, German cineast Helma Sanders-Brahms, Chilean writer Juan Jose Saer and local director Jose Antonio Martinez Suarez and Oscar Barney Finn.
Dancer is being sold as a musical tragedy, and von Trier himself has characterized the film as an attempt to merge his love of compatriot cineast Carl Dreyer's sublime starkness with his love of the conic American musical West Side Story.
Always, characters pulled her mise-en-scene's strings--the fetishist, the pervert, the voyeur, the cineast, the necrophiliac, the mad scientist, and the department-store window dresser left alone at night with undead, plastic incubi.
The Chicago Reader's Jonathan Rosenbaum, for instance, worried that Bresson's films, in which the meticulous composition of shots and the precise spatial location of sound effects are of paramount importance, translate unusually poorly to home video; and, since video is where today's would-be cineast gets acquainted with film history, the persistence of Bresson's vision is called into doubt.