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A small movie theater showing classic or avant-garde films.

[French cinémathèque : cinéma, cinema; see cinema + (biblio)thèque, library (from Latin bibliotheca; see bibliotheca).]


(Film) a small intimate cinema
[C20: from French cinémathèque film library, from cinema + (biblio)thèque library]


or cin•é•ma•thèque

(ˌsɪn ə məˈtɛk)

a motion-picture theater showing experimental or historically important films.
[1965–70; < French: film archive =cinéma cinema + -thèque, as in bibliothèque library; see theca]


- A small movie theater specializing in art or classic films.
See also related terms for specializing.
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Contract notice: printing and production of communication documents and products derived from the french cinematheque
Summary: American Cinematheque to debut exclusive new 70mm print of the award-winning classic
A], October 31 (ANI): French feminists disrupted the opening ceremony of a planned retrospective of Roman Polanski's work by the Cinematheque Francaise.
Jerusalem remains a city of needless sacrifice, but since 1981 the Valley of Hinnom has been the picturesque home of the Jerusalem Cinematheque, a sanctuary of normalcy and, to the city's dwindling secular population, as sacred a site as any mosque, church, or synagogue.
The Baguio Cinematheque has moved to a place that looks like anything but a movie house.
La salle de la cinematheque d'Annaba, rouverte recemment, s'est mise a l'heure de l'Egypte en diffusant plusieurs films de ce pays.
This year, the American Cinematheque will give its Sid Grauman Award to Sue Kroll, president, worldwide marketing and distribution for Warner Bros.
Veteran filmmaker Ridley Scott will be honoured with the 30th American Cinematheque Award.
Her most recent project, "Album: Cinematheque Tangier" (on view through May 18), is perhaps the culmination of this turn in her evolving practice, comprising not only new and old work as well as archival materials but a satellite of Cinema Rif, the Tangier movie house that Barrada was instrumental in founding.
Festival Tel-Aviv Cinematheque al-Saraya Theater 03-6953155 Cinematheque website Theater website // \n // // // // // For further details please contact Raneen Jeries at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots.
Torben Brylle, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Denmark to the Republic of Macedonia, opened the Days of Modern Danish Film, organized by the Embassy of the Kingdom of Denmark in Macedonia and Alkaloid, at the Cinematheque of Macedonia on 11 April.
American Cinematheque rate him so much, they gave him an award.