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also cin·e·ol  (sĭn′ē-ōl′)
[Alteration of New Latin cinae oleum : cinae, genitive of cina, wormseed + Latin oleum, oil; see oleo-.]


(ˈsɪn iˌoʊl)

also cin•e•ol

(-ˌɔl, -ˌɒl)

a colorless liquid terpene ether, C10H18O, used in flavoring, perfumes, and medicine.
[1880–90; alter. of New Latin oleum cinae=oleum oil + cina wormseed]
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These differences may be due to the synergistic effects of cineole and other ACEO in eucalyptus oil.
cineole limonene, camphor, linalool Frankincense Timonene, verbenone, Asthma, wounds, incensol ulcers, bronchitis, diuretic, tonic for cleansing the digestive system and for deodorizing the mouth.
Cineole is a monoterpene naturally found in sagebrush consumed by pygmy rabbits (Kelsey et al.
The flavour - said to be an aphrodisiac due to cardamom being high in cineole, an ingredient which increases blood flow around the body - was picked up by The Mail Online and championed by Alan Titchmarsh and guests in his TV show earlier this year.
Cineole shows antitussive effect by suppressing the cough reflex through direct action of cough centre in the medulla [5].
The Antitussive Effects of Menthol, Camphor and Cineole in Conscious Guinea-pigs.
For example, fetal exposure to an aromatic cue (cineole) followed by ethanol intoxication results in increased postnatal grasping of a surrogate nipple aromatized with cineole (Abate et al.
Others may be adulterated for economic reasons, such as the past instances where eucalyptol (used in fragrances and cosmetics) was adulterated with cineole from camphor seeds (far cheaper but with more problematic effects).