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A diagnostic technique in which a camera is used to record images of internal body structures produced through radiography or fluoroscopy.



, cineroentgenography
n. cinerradiografía, película radiográfica de un órgano en movimiento.
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There are different methods to measure the retention strength of complete denture include using gnathometer, hydraulic pulley, cineradiography, radio telemetry, etc.
Cineradiography, tape recording, phonography spirometry, glottography, oscillography and electromyography will help in assessing the impairment of the vocal cord movement during the disease process and also in assisting the improvement of vocal cord vibration during recovery after the treatment.
Future research should attempt to quantify feeding and locomotor behavior in Freshwater Drum with high-speed video and/or cineradiography in order to test the functional significance of ontogenetic changes in morphology, as well as to establish their ecological relevance.