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n. pl. cin·e·rar·i·a (-ē-ə)
A place for keeping the ashes of a cremated body.

[Latin cinerārium, from neuter of cinerārius, of ashes, from cinis, ciner-, ashes.]

cin′er·ar′y (sĭn′ə-rĕr′ē) adj.
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Adj.1.cinerary - containing or used for ashes of the cremated dead; "a cinerary urn"


[ˈsɪnərərɪ] ADJcinerario


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Last October, Christie's London saw an Etruscan alabaster cinerary urn from the 1st century BC soar above its estimate of 20,000 [pounds sterling]-30,000 [pounds sterling] to achieve 92,500 [pounds sterling]; in June, $125,000 was realised at Sotheby's New York for an Etruscan head (Fig.
The forms of the pottery--the sarcophagus, the cinerary urn, the figural, monumental and crouch jars--represent different symbolic responses to this transition, whether the radical reduction of the body to ashes by cremation or its gradual corruption to bone and dust.
Contract award: supply and installation of furniture for cinerary spaces
They are cinerary jars, contemporary versions of the urns used to store cremated remains.
The exhibition explores the containment of the human body after death, featuring cinerary jars and life size sarcophagi.
The item was identified as being a Roman marble cinerary urn dating to about the first century only after auctioneers from Christie's were invited to value a host of collectable items at the house.
Spanning a variety of scales, styles, media, and cultures from the primitive through twentieth-century collections, the historical objects included a cinerary urn, a bronze portrait head of a lady, and an eleven-headed wooden statue; they were arranged to echo the stance, textures, and form of Pondick's own pieces.
After the concert, participants holding candles sang hymns and prayed at the columbarium in the church basement, where 1,300 cinerary urns are kept.
Abolished, and her frightful wing in the tears in the pool, abolished, that mirrors the alarms, the naked golds flaying the crimson space, an Aurora has, heraldic plumage, chosen our cinerary, sacrificial tower, heavy tomb a beautiful bird has fled, lone whim of dawn in vain black plumage .