cingulate gyrus

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Noun1.cingulate gyrus - a long curved structure on the medial surface of the cerebral hemispheres; the cortical part of the limbic system
neural structure - a structure that is part of the nervous system
limbic brain, limbic system, visceral brain - a system of functionally related neural structures in the brain that are involved in emotional behavior
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19] The neurons of the cingulate gyrus were closely related to the prefrontal cortex.
Using T1- and T2-weighted structural MRI scans, the researchers measured the cortical thickness of six individual regions of the frontal lobe as well as the anterior cingulate gyrus.
150 years later, Damasio and his collaborators published a study on Gage's exhumed skull and proposed a trajectory of the injury through the left hemisphere, through the anterior half of the orbitofrontal cortex (Brodmann areas 11 and 12), through the anterior mesial frontal cortices (Brodmann areas 8 to 10, 32) and the most anterior region of the cingulate gyrus (Brodmann area 24).
ii) Pattern T2 shows FDDNP PET signal in all subcortical areas analyzed in this study, in all limbic medial temporal lobe areas [amygdala and medial temporal lobe (MTL); hippocampus, entorhinal cortex, parahippocampalgyrus)], and in parts of the frontal cortex, including anterior cingulate gyrus (ACG).
Component 15 from the SBM analysis showed differences in the brains of schizophrenic and healthy volunteers in the middle frontal gyrus, precentral gyrus, subgyrus, postcentral gyrus, superior frontal gyrus, medial frontal gyrus, cingulate gyrus, and superior temporal gyrus.
001, including the connections between the paracentral gyrus and posterior cingulate gyrus in the left hemisphere, between the posterior cingulate gyrus and superior frontal lobe in the right hemisphere, and between the posterior cingulate gyrus and paracentral gyrus in the right hemisphere.
Whole brain blood flow also improved significantly in the exercise group and was driven by increased flow in regions particularly associated with aging and Alzheimer's: the superior frontal cortex, posterior cingulate, and cingulate gyrus.
The anterior salience network (composed of nodes including bilateral middle frontal gyrus, middle cingulate gyrus, and insula) reflects bottom-up appetitive drive.
Obese women have higher rates of metabolism in certain areas of the brain, including the posterior cingulate gyrus, which is linked to the development of AD.
Brain MRI revealed bilateral FLAIR and T1 hyperintensities of caudate nuclei, putamina and frontal lobe involving most of the anterior cingulate gyrus and superior frontal gyrus bilaterally, with restricted diffusion (Figure 1).
By contrast, females on average had higher density in the left frontal pole, and larger volumes in the right frontal pole, inferior and middle frontal gyri, pars triangularis, planum temporale/parietal operculum, anterior cingulate gyrus, insular cortex, and Heschl's gyrus; bilateral thalami and precuneus; the left parahippocampal gyrus, and lateral occipital cortex.
There is also now very good human neuroimaging evidence that chronic stress in childhood is directly related to physical changes in the developing brain, including the hippocampus, amygdala, striatum, prefrontal cortex, orbitofrontal cortex, and anterior cingulate gyrus (Front.