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Adj.1.cinnamon-scented - smelling of cinnamon
odorous - having odor or a characteristic odor; "odorous jasmine flowers"; "odorous garbage"; "fresh odorous bread"
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Lina's Candles take all shapes and sizes, including those cinnamon-scented pie-shaped candles for thanksgiving
If you have a chance, try Cardamom-and Cinnamon-scented Swedish Tea Ring, or Going Bananas Vegan Cinnamon Rolls, or even Carrot Cake Cinnamon Rolls with Pineapple-Cream Cheese Frosting in addition to the tried and true Big-As-A-Plate Cinnamon Rolls with Gooey Frosting.
Just compare a warm cinnamon-scented kitchen full of laughter with shops full of grumpy queues and people stressed by spending It's an easy choice.
She seemed to simultaneously stir cinnamon-scented rice pudding, chop almonds for semolina-almond pudding, and grate carrots for sweet milk-carrot halva.
Kitumba said a group of Eugene youths called Mission Possible helped raise money for the program by making and selling cinnamon-scented air fresheners for cars.
Lunya on College Lane in Liverpool One was praised for its "fine tomato-smeared bread, brilliant hot-smoked baby anchovies, plump grilled sardines with salsa verde, and tender braised ox cheek with celeriac puree and sticky cinnamon-scented jus".
The SimplySmart shower will incorporate a proprietary Stay Smart Kohler showerhead, signature shower curtain with curved rod, upgraded 100 percent cotton terry towels and a custom line of cinnamon-scented bath products.
Selections include mouth-watering turkey lasagna, spiced apple chicken with cinnamon-scented quinoa, baked salmon with lemon and thyme and wild rice pancakes, pork and sweet potato stir fry, breakfast burritos and much more," he added.
Your parcels are always beautifully wrapped with ribbon and the Christmas cheer is spread far and wide over a glass of mulled wine and cinnamon-scented candles.