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n. pl. ciop·pi·nos
A stew made of several kinds of fish and shellfish, tomatoes, and wine.

[Italian, perhaps variant of northwest Italian ciuppin.]


(Cookery) an Italian rich fish stew


(tʃəˈpi noʊ)

a stew of fish, shellfish, tomatoes, wine, and seasonings.
[1915–20; Amer.; appar. < dial. Italian]
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United-operated flights that currently offer meal service will add new dishes, like Spanish paella, mushroom risotto and seafood cioppino on shorter dinner flights.
Among the options: butternut-squash bisque, prime rib, Northwest cioppino, seared duck, and vegetable gratin.
Entrees include pork flatiron, under the brick chicken, chicken cordon bleu, stuffed chicken Parmesan, seafood cioppino, pasta carbonara, fish & chips, seafood risotto, stuffed salmon, baked haddock Elizabeth, lazy lasagna and New York sirloin.
Throughout the two-level restaurant and lounge, diners can savor a full range of traditional and original cicheti from Polpette di Carne (meatballs sauteed in a slow-cooked, homemade tomato sauce) to a Gamberi Grassi in Garlic Butter Saor (spicy fat prawns); and signature main dishes including a Pappardelle Ragu (handmade pasta, fresh pappardelle pasta served al dente with slow-braised lamb shoulder ragout), or a fresh cuippin stew simmered in a savory seafood Cioppino stew, in a space that caters to all the senses.
It's not just interesting new dishes--and there are plenty--like black bean tamale verde, seafood cioppino, vegetable panang curry, truffle parmesan mac & cheese, pumpkin squash ravioli, and palak paneer.
The First Lady-who dined on Chesapeake crab cakes in honor of Baltimore and San Francisco cioppino stew with sourdough toast during the big game, according to White House pool reports-tweeted her excitement about the singer's halftime show.
According to Melis, other examples of Americanized Italian dishes that are incorrectly considered very popular Italian specialties but are almost totally unknown in Italy are the Insalata Cesare (Caesar's salad), Cioppino soup and pasta Alfredo.
From a Cioppino fish stew tweaked by a third-generation-owned restaurateur in Santa Cruz to Lauer-Kraut Burgers and a Potato and Cheese Pan-Fried Pierogi, this is packed with flavorful finds that will earn it a place in cookbook and travel collections alike.
The four new recipes are based on regional specialties from around the world: Seafood Cioppino, Sweet & Spicy Sole, Mediterranean Salmon and Seafood Enchiladas.
Stew's just a simple name for what the Italians call cioppino, the Portuguese call caldeirada and the French call bouillabaisse.
But he never forgot the "old school" Italian dishes he knew as a child in San Francisco, the cioppino and veal scaloppini.