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A text in encrypted form, as opposed to the plaintext.


encrypted text


(ˈsaɪ fərˌtɛkst)

the encoded version of a message or other text, as opposed to the plaintext.
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In the encryption process, data is turned into ciphertext, which is nearly impossible to figure out without decryption.
Cloud encryption is the change of a cloud benefit client's information into ciphertext.
In detail, the new primitive allows an intermediate agent to convert Alice's(delegator) ciphertext to Bob's(recipient) ciphertext by using proxy re-encryption key [rk.
i,GID]},GP}[right arrow]M We assume the ciphertext is encrypted under an access matrix (A, [rho]).
The decryption time can be measured as the time that an encryption algorithm takes to produce a plain text from a ciphertext.
Most of the existing CP-ABE scheme uses bilinear maps and generates secret keys and ciphertext of large size.
The cipher will then be XOR-ed with plaintext to produce the ciphertext.
Step 3: Signcrypt: Both users A and B can execute this phase in parallel, where individual user uses their SID, along with other users public key QID and their key contribution k in the derivation of ciphertext and the signature generation.
RSA computations can be mathematically proofed by forward substitution of the encryption process of plaintext message M to get the ciphered message C and then by backward substitution of Ciphertext C to get back the plaintext message M as shown in the figure 2 below.
The principle and the encryption algorithm show as follows: password (< = 10Byte)-> coding (encryption), the ciphertext 30Byte, decoding (decode), password (< = 10Byte).
Simultaneously, character position information showing how far the encrypted character is located from the beginning character is embedded into the corresponding ciphertext.
d]-word key stream, one can encrypt a plaintext such that by using any key stream generated from a different seed to decrypt the ciphertext, the decrypted plaintext will become an avalanche-like text which has ([2.