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A text in encrypted form, as opposed to the plaintext.


encrypted text


(ˈsaɪ fərˌtɛkst)

the encoded version of a message or other text, as opposed to the plaintext.
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Key policy Attribute based encryption and Ciphertext Policy Attribute Based Encryption.
142) "Once ciphertext is in plain view, the communication itself
The resulting encrypted information or ciphertext not only is impossible to decipher (except for the legitimate key owner), but it is typically also impossible to process the underlying information solely by manipulating the ciphertext.
Histograms of the plaintext image and the ciphertext image are drawn in figure 6.
One of them is the use of ciphertext difference rate (Cdr) defined in [12, 17] and adapted to our case for color images as:
The story, board, list of moves, and Martin Gardner's annotations comprise the elements necessary to a cipher: a plaintext, a key, and a ciphertext.
Encryption refers to algorithmic schemes that encode plain text, such as a card number, into a non-readable form called ciphertext.
62) Once encrypted, the information is incomprehensible to anyone not in possession of a special code--the encryption password or "key"--that, in conjunction with the algorithm, allows the ciphertext to be translated back into readable form.
Articles cover a wide range of subjects including spam and filtering technologies, learning systems, data sorting based on query quality, ciphertext systems and web data extraction and entity recognition.
This is called ciphertext and requires a ciphertext decoder to uncode it and return it back to a readable format.
At its destination, ciphertext is converted back to plaintext.
The abundant abbreviations comprise a jargon, or better yet, they produce a sort of ciphertext that can be only understood, or decoded, from one's subjective position as an Italian tourist/reader traveling in Italy.