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Noun1.circuit card - a printed circuit that can be inserted into expansion slots in a computer to increase the computer's capabilitiescircuit card - a printed circuit that can be inserted into expansion slots in a computer to increase the computer's capabilities
CPU board, mother board - the main circuit board for a computer
PC board - a removable circuit board for a personal computer; fits into a slot in the mother board
printed circuit - computer circuit consisting of an electronic sub-assembly; copper conductors are laminated on an insulating board or card and circuit components are inserted into holes and dip soldered
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Units are usually good about cleaning inside the radar and the ECS, but they don't open the circuit card drawers and check for dust.
Broad based electronics provider LaBarge Inc (NYSE Amex:LB) announced today that it had been selected by Parker Aerospace's Electronic Systems Division as a manufacturing partner to provide printed circuit card assemblies.
The trouble is solved, and the circuit card is returned to the manufacturer who built the final system, but typically not the manufacturer of the card.
Using the latest hardware packaging techniques, the number of circuit card assemblies was cut almost in half (from 12 to 7), and 5 interconnections were eliminated, which further reduced life cycle cost.
The circuit card can be mounted in an electronic component or cabinet.
The PRCA normally awards a circuit card, provided the competitor eventually wins a mandated amount of cash.
has acquired the circuit card assembly operations of Agfa Division, Bayer Corporation.
0 million from United Defense (formerly FMC) to produce circuit card assemblies for the guided missile launching system, MK-26.
Using the equal allocation method each part is assigned $1,000 in such costs, even though one item may be a sophisticated circuit card assembly, which requires the attention of high-salaried engineers and managers, and another item may be a plastic knob.
NASDAQ:ORBT), an electronics manufacturer and software solution provider, today announced that its Orbit Instrument Division has received an award from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) valued at $875,000 for the design, manufacture and delivery of a new circuit card assembly in support of the Automated Radar Terminal System (ARTS) 11E and 111E keyboard configurations.
Item NSN Circuit card 5998-01-510-5853 Circuit card 5998-01-510-5897 Crypto module 5998-01-526-2159 Chassis 5975-01-512-7961 Power supply 5895-01-560-2880 Circuit card (RF module) 5998-01-503-7423