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1. Being or taking a roundabout, lengthy course: took a circuitous route to avoid the accident site.
2. Characterized by indirectness, evasiveness, or complexity, as in action or language: a circuitous method of inquiry; a circuitous argument.

[From Medieval Latin circuitōsus, from Latin circuitus, a going around; see circuit.]

cir·cu′i·tous·ly adv.
cir·cu′i·ty, cir·cu′i·tous·ness n.


n, pl -ties
(of speech, reasoning, etc) a roundabout or devious quality


(sərˈkyu ɪ ti)

n., pl. -ties.
devious character.
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The company has invested heavily in design for both electronics circuity and graphical interfaces, and is seeking to win and deliver an increasing proportion of its turnover from design and innovation activities.
It would be equally impossible for those many and diverse devices to communicate without the circuit boards and circuity that are found in the satellites and base stations that transmit those signals instantaneously and globally.
As a litany is a form of public (often penitential) prayer mapped out in a series of call and response between priest and congregation, we can read the poem's Lambda-based structure of circuity as a call-and-response format in and by itself.
was no circuity of action in the present case, the court did not dismiss
Circuity is the ratio of passenger itinerary miles flown to nonstop miles between origin-destination market endpoints in a quarter.
SEVEN people were arrested in Barry thanks to information provided by the Vale of Glamorgan's closed circuity television camera team.
1971) (indicating that duplication and circuity justify denial of motion).
34) Congress, however, responded by eliminating habeas jurisdiction by statute and channeling cases into a new jurisdictional forum in the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuity Congress reaffirmed its jurisdictional strip in 2006.
12) which, in an "ex-centric communicative circuity [.
underwriters, banks, and others (64) in every federal circuity Although