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Encompassing on all sides; surrounding.

cir′cum·am′bi·ence, cir′cum·am′bi·en·cy n.
cir′cum·am′bi·ent·ly adv.


[C17: from Late Latin circumambīre, from circum- + ambīre to go round]
ˌcircumˈambience, ˌcircumˈambiency n


(ˌsɜr kəmˈæm bi ənt)

surrounding; encompassing.
[1625–35; < Late Latin circumambient-, s. of circumambiēns. See circum-, ambient]
cir`cum•am′bi•ence, cir`cum•am′bi•en•cy, n.
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Whether marching amid his aides and marshals in the van of countless cohorts that endlessly streamed it over the plains, like an Ohio; or whether with his circumambient subjects browsing all around at the horizon, the White Steed gallopingly reviewed them with warm nostrils reddening through his cool milkiness; in whatever aspect he presented himself, always to the bravest Indians he was the object of trembling reverence and awe.
He breathed the circumambient air as though he had never breathed it before, and he took a child's pleasure in all the facts of the world.
Finally, if we look to other oceanic islands of about the same height and of similar geological constitution, but not encircled by coral-reefs, we may in vain search for so trifling a circumambient depth as 30 fathoms, except quite near to their shores; for usually land that rises abruptly out of water, as do most of the encircled and non-encircled oceanic islands, plunges abruptly under it.
Captain Ellis looked upon himself as a sort of divine (pagan) emanation, the deputy-Neptune for the circumambient seas.
He struck it by saying, partly to Mrs Lammle and partly to the circumambient air, 'I consider myself very fortunate in being reserved by--'
Wang is the Chinese translator of Paul Celan, and reading him one feels something like the presence of the great voices of an intense inwardness in twentieth century European poetry--Paul Celan, and also Boris Pasternak and Osip Mandelstam, and in a later generation Tomas Transtromer and Zbigniew Herbert, poets with a strong awareness of circumambient public violence who sought to make a space of private freedom in the poem word by word.
This change in historiographical perspective principally entails studying Islamic origins in reference to the history and religious culture of the circumambient communities on the periphery and within the purview of the Arabic-speaking communities of the Near East in the seventh century CE, rather than confining their attention to the immediate, inner Arabian cultural circumstances of the new religion's appearance.
My sense of identity was no longer narrowly confined to a body but embraced the circumambient atoms.
Certain range of Reynolds criterion numbers defines the circumambient medium's movement mode--laminar or turbulent.
Square four-arched plan with circumambient corridors, Stone architecture (mixed with brick architecture), Dome over the cylinder, toronbeh cornering.
Invariably, her characters' most heightened and ineffable experiences are moments of profound, if fleeting, spiritual connection--between self and other, self and the circumambient world.
More dubiously, Merleau-Ponty claims that an "operative language" rooted in the interaction of embodied consciousness and the circumambient world gives rise to formalised, conventional systems of signification at the level of reflection.