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1. The boundary line of a circle.
a. The boundary line of an area or object.
b. Abbr. c or circ. The length of such a line.
3. The margin or area surrounding something.

[Middle English, from Old French circonference, from Latin circumferentia, from circumferēns, circumferent-, present participle of circumferre, to carry around : circum-, circum- + ferre, to carry; see bher- in Indo-European roots.]

cir·cum′fer·en′tial (-fə-rĕn′shəl) adj.
Synonyms: circumference, circuit, compass, perimeter, periphery
These nouns refer to a boundary or area around the outer edge of something: drove around the circumference of the city; followed the circuit around the park; stayed within the compass of the schoolyard; walked the perimeter of the estate; fenced the periphery of the property.
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Adj.1.circumferential - lying around or just outside the edges or outskirts; "circumferential highways around cities"
peripheral - on or near an edge or constituting an outer boundary; the outer area; "Russia's peripheral provinces"; "peripheral suburbs"
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Now bees, as may be clearly seen by examining the edge of a growing comb, do make a rough, circumferential wall or rim all round the comb; and they gnaw into this from the opposite sides, always working circularly as they deepen each cell.
Even in the rude circumferential rim or wall of wax round a growing comb, flexures may sometimes be observed, corresponding in position to the planes of the rhombic basal plates of future cells.
I was able practically to show this fact, by covering the edges of the hexagonal walls of a single cell, or the extreme margin of the circumferential rim of a growing comb, with an extremely thin layer of melted vermilion wax; and I invariably found that the colour was most delicately diffused by the bees--as delicately as a painter could have done with his brush--by atoms of the coloured wax having been taken from the spot on which it had been placed, and worked into the growing edges of the cells all round.
The present work was carried out in order to analyze the uniaxial tension and circumferential inflation on the mechanical property of arterial wall based on the modified strain energy function from Gent.
Tenders are invited for Air washer System Blower 2A - Complete dismantling the blower unit except structural base frame and vibration Pad - fabricating pedestal frame, circumferential casing cover, side cover - Erecting the blower by assembling the new shaft, impeller, inlet cone, circumferential casing cover, side cover, providing manual door, canvas cloth Painting the blower casing - balancing, commissioning and devolution to central stores.
The buoyancy segments are assembled to mechanically lock around the clamp and are secured with circumferential straps.
Similar to a centrifugal sifter or mill, the Nibbler offers significantly higher torque and force while maintaining a paddle circumferential speed of less than 1m/s.
The seal is supported by a corrosion-resistant stainless steel sleeve, and is pressed against the pipe wall by the circumferential extension of the sleeve.
These systems assist in fully automating circumferential registration and constantly detect errors in lateral and circumferential registration.
03 million); Lake Lanao Circumferential Road from Marawi City to Bayang, SR 38 million (P 421.
Videbaek and colleagues11 followed patients that underwent posterior-lateral fusion or circumferential fusion for the treatment of low back pain, which included spondylolisthesis patients.
However, it is not possible to determine the circumferential position of the defect and also the sizing of small circumferential defects is problematic [4,5].