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Lying around; surrounding.

[Latin circumiacēns, circumiacent-, present participle of circumiacēre, to lie around : circum-, circum- + iacēre, to lie; see yē- in Indo-European roots.]


surrounding; lying around


(ˌsɜr kəmˈdʒeɪ sənt)

lying around; surrounding.
[1480–90; < Latin circumjacent- <circumjacēre to lie around]
References in classic literature ?
Pumblechook might have said, the lap of luxury - being entirely furnished forth from the coffee-house - the circumjacent region of sitting-room was of a comparatively pastureless and shifty character: imposing on the waiter the wandering habits of putting the covers on the floor (where he fell over them), the melted butter in the armchair, the bread on the bookshelves, the cheese in the coalscuttle, and the boiled fowl into my bed in the next room - where I found much of its parsley and butter in a state of congelation when I retired for the night.
Even," proceeds Sir Leicester, glancing at the circumjacent cousins on sofas and ottomans, "even in many--in fact, in most--of those places in which the government has carried it against a faction--"
They give a reality to the circumjacent picture which such a vanishing meteorous appearance can ill spare.
In those days the Cafe Ture was the rendezvous of the fashionable society of the Marais, the faubourg Saint-Antoine, and the circumjacent regions.
He found himself on one of the many circumjacent mountain-ridges with which we are acquainted by means of Dr.
Macroscopic examination revealed a ruptured tumour mass with circumjacent hemorrhage, and the ruptured surface showed hemorrhagic and adipose tissue.