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 (sûr′kəm-sĭs′ĭl, -ĭl′)
adj. Botany
Splitting or opening along a circumference, with the top coming off as a lid: a circumscissile seed capsule.

[circum- + Latin scissilis, easily split, splitting; see scissile.]


(Botany) (of the dry dehiscent fruits of certain plants) opening completely by a transverse split
[C19: from circum- + Latin scissilis capable of splitting, from scindere to split]


(ˌsɜr kəmˈsɪs ɪl)

opening along a transverse circular line, as a seed vessel.
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Lecythidiaceae Although his family is best known for its woody "monkey pot" fruits with circumscissile capsular dehiscence, it also includes Petersianthus Merr.
Others place Calyptronoma asa subgenus of Calyptrogyne (Hooker, 1883; Beccari, 1912; Burret, 1930; Len, 1944; Wessels Boer, 1968; and Glassman, 1972) based on the floral characters shared between the two such as the basally connate corolla in pistillate flowers and the circumscissile cap that falls at anthesis.