Revolving around or surrounding the sun.


(Astronomy) surrounding or rotating around the sun


(ˌsɜr kəmˈsoʊ lər)

orbiting or surrounding the sun.
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As the last illustration, we shall consider the "effect of palindrome", which indicates a dependence of the histogram shape on the spatial relation between the directions of the Earth diurnal rotation and its movement along the circumsolar orbit [8, 9].
Benefits The new BPI CSR460 sensors measure circumsolar radiation in environments prone to extreme heat and high levels of airborne dust, dirt and sand, which can deflect the sunlight and reduce the efficiency of a solar thermal system.
The ultra-accelerated device only concentrates direct normal solar irradiance--light from the circumsolar disk.
Parameterized Transmittance Model for Direct Beam and Circumsolar Spectral Irradiance.
To estimate the effect of the directional dependence of the diffuse radiation we made a virtual experiment, assuming that at the constant value of the global irradiance on the horizontal plane a part of the diffuse radiation is transferred from the isotropic to the circumsolar form as follows:
This is accomplished in large measure through the use of a new seal design in which the width of the circumsolar seal is significantly narrower than conventional radial seal units.
Out beyond the orbit of Pluto, Voyagers 1 and 2 and Pioneer 10 continue their lonely odyssey to the edge of circumsolar space.
Each time this happens, there will be an additional gravitational stirring within the circumsolar cometary halo, and a further flurry of comets will be sent into the inner solar system.
In the case of turbid atmosphere, the bigger FOV leads to a "parasitic" circumsolar radiation, which increases the observed direct solar beam, S, and creates an illusion about better transparency and lower turbidity.
In this model, diffuse radiation is split in three components: (i) isotropic part, received uniformly from the sky dome (ii) circumsolar diffuse, resulting from forward scattering of solar radiation and concentrated in the part of the sky around the sun and (iii) horizon brightening, concentrated near the horizon, most pronounced in clear skies.
registration of the Number histogram shape changes caused by: 1 diurnal Earth rotation 2 diurnal Earth rotation 3 Earth circumsolar rotation 4 combined, diurnal and circumsolar, Earth rotation 5 circumsolar Earth rotation 6 combined, diurnal and circumsolar, Earth rotation 7 circumsolar Earth rotation 8 combined, diurnal and circumsolar, Earth rotation 9 combined, diurnal and circumsolar, Earth rotation