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1. Of, relating to, or dependent on circumstances.
2. Of no primary significance; incidental.
3. Complete and particular; full of detail: a circumstantial report about the debate.
4. Full of ceremonial display.

cir′cum·stan′tial·ly adv.
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Adv.1.circumstantially - according to circumstances; "he was convicted circumstantially"
2.circumstantially - insofar as the circumstances are concerned; "the account was circumstantially accurate"
3.circumstantially - in minute detailcircumstantially - in minute detail; "our inability to see everything minutely and clearly is due merely to the infirmity of our senses"
4.circumstantially - without advance planningcircumstantially - without advance planning; "they met accidentally"
References in classic literature ?
At one moment reclining sideways upon the mat, and leaning calmly upon his bended arm, he related circumstantially the aggressions of the French--their hostile visits to the surrounding bays, enumerating each one in succession--Happar, Puerka, Nukuheva, Tior,--and then starting to his feet and precipitating himself forward with clenched hands and a countenance distorted with passion, he poured out a tide of invectives.
He entered into a detail of the duties that would attend the situation, and circumstantially mentioned the reward, and all those points which are deemed of importance among men of business.
In the past he had often tried not to think too circumstantially of his plans for the future, it was only discouraging; but now that his goal was so near he saw no harm in giving away to a longing that was so difficult to resist.
He could remain silent for hours without being at all put out of countenance himself or making others uncomfortable, but as soon as the conversation concerned himself he would begin to talk circumstantially and with evident satisfaction.
All these discoveries were now related to Ralph, circumstantially, and in detail.
And having gone so far, he related circumstantially all that had passed upon the night in question.
Sikes condescended to take some notice of the young gentlemen; which gracious act led to a conversation, in which the cause and manner of Oliver's capture were circumstantially detailed, with such alterations and improvements on the truth, as to the Dodger appeared most advisable under the circumstances.
A little more and he /might/ have given himself away completely, circumstantially.
1991) (distinguishing Park and Dotterweich, rejecting idea that intent under RCRA can be inferred circumstantially as to corporate officers, thereby requiring actual intent under RCRA [sections] 6928(d)(2)(A)).
68) The use of the mails may be proven circumstantially by introducing evidence of business practice or office custom(69) without producing a witness who personally deposited something in the mail.
This would circumstantially suggest that the temporary protection regime has impacted upon the numbers of people seeking asylum to Denmark.
There were about a dozen, circumstantially all Afghans, all in their midteens.