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Relating to, living on, or coming from the southern side of the Alps.

[Latin Cisalpīnus : cis-, cis- + alpīnus, alpine; see alpine.]


1. (Physical Geography) on this (the southern) side of the Alps, as viewed from Rome
2. (Roman Catholic Church) relating to a movement in the Roman Catholic Church to minimize the authority of the pope and to emphasize the independence of branches of the Church. Compare ultramontane2


(sɪsˈæl paɪn, -pɪn)

on this (the Roman or south) side of the Alps.
[1535–45; < Latin Cisalpīnus=cis- cis- + Alpīnus Alpine]
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Adj.1.cisalpine - on the Italian or Roman side of the Alpscisalpine - on the Italian or Roman side of the Alps; "ancient cisalpine Gaul included an area south and east of the Alps"
cismontane - on this (the speaker's) side of the mountains; "a contest in Virginia between a cismontane and a tramontane people"


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Although these changes were regarded by the people of Venice as a long awaited revolution to be accompanied by joyful demonstrations, their victory was short-lived; on October 17,1797, Napoleon signed the Treaty of Campo Formio, whereby Venice was given to Austria, neglecting the pleas by the new democratic Venetian government (of which Lucilio is a member) to allow them to join the Cisalpine Republic.
In 1743, the Kingdom of Sardinia was united with Piedmont (North-West Italy), forming a modern Italian foundations of the future state, and after the peace of Campo-Formio (1797) (Procacci, 1975: 254), Napoleon Bonaparte will draw the Cisalpine Republic and the Republic of Liguria, Austria recognizing the new geopolitical reality within the Peace Treaty of Luneville (1801) (Salvatorelli, 1939: 514).
It marked the boundary between Italy, as controlled by Rome, and the Roman province of Cisalpine Gaul.
ASM, Ministero degli Esteri I Divisione (Marescalchi), 10 (5): letter from Marseilles dated December 19, 1800, addressed to Ferdinando Marescalchi, ambassador to Paris of the Cisalpine Republic, and signed by Luigi Marescalchi, compositore di musica del Gran Teatro, e Francesco Marescalchi, Rue des Harpies chez Martin Caffettier, n.
their home in Cisalpine Gaul when making his gubernatorial circuit),
In 58 BC, the Senate appointed him governor of the Cisalpine province.
Second, on page 205 Goldsworthy, quoting Caesar from his De Bellico Gallo, states that in 58 BC when Helvetian tribes were moving to Cisalpine Gaul, Caesar moved his legions from Rome to the bank of the Rhone in eight days.