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n. pl. cis·ter·nae (-nē)
1. Anatomy A fluid-containing sac or cavity in the body of an organism. Also called reservoir.
2. Cytology One of the saclike vesicles that comprise the endoplasmic reticulum.

[Latin, cistern; see cistern.]

cis·ter′nal adj.


n, pl -nae (-niː)
(Anatomy) a sac or partially closed space containing body fluid, esp lymph or cerebrospinal fluid
[New Latin, from Latin; see cistern]


(ˈsɪs tərn)

1. a reservoir, tank, or container for storing or holding water or other liquid.
2. a reservoir or receptacle of some natural fluid of the body.
[1250–1300; Middle English < Latin cisterna <cist(a) chest]
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Noun1.cisterna - a sac or cavity containing fluid especially lymph or cerebrospinal fluid
sac - a structure resembling a bag in an animal
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The killings in Cisterna di Latina, about 70 kilometers south-east of Rome, were confirmed by local Carabinieri police commander Gabriele Vitagliano, the SkyTG24 news reported.
Objective: To determine the frequency of isolated mega cisterna magna (MCM) in Saudi population, compare the accuracy of fetal ultrasound with postnatal neuro-imaging, report the associated central nervous system (CNS) anomalies on postnatal neuro-imaging.
The cisterna magna is a space lying between the cerebellum and medulla oblongata that is important in collecting cerebral spinal fluid (CSF) in some patients with contraindication or the impossibility of lumbar puncture and in intrathecal administration medication infusion.
The various posterior fossa malformations detected were Dandy Walker malformation (DWM, 1 case), Dandy Walker variant (DWV, 2 cases), mega cisterna magna (MCM, 8 cases), arachnoid cysts (5 cases), Chiari 1 malformation (5 cases), Chairi 2 malformation (2 cases), Joubert malformation (1 case), lipoma (2 cases), vermian and/or cerebellar hypoplasia without posterior fossa cysts (4 cases).
FirstKey Lending Llc (FirstKey), a provider of loans designed specifically for investors in one- to four-family residential rental properties, has said that Dennis Cisterna has joined the company as managing director.
Mi nombre es Yerebatan Sarayi, que quiere decir el "palacio sumergido" (o Yerebatan Sarnici, que significa cisterna sumergida).
Under the deal, Unilever will sell a plant in Cisterna, Italy and brands 4 Salti in Padella, Sofficini, Capitan Findus and That's Amore, as well as transfer 650 employees.
Se trata de una embarcacion tipo cisterna, llamada "A Whale", de la naviera taiwanesa TMT Group.
The arrests in northern Italy, aimed at the 'Ndrangheta's commercial interests, "confirm that northern Italy is the true theatre of operations for the 'Ndrangheta", Alberto Cisterna, an anti-mafia prosecutor, told AFP.
Para superar la deficiencia de agua para consumo humano en el medio rural la cisterna se destaca como una tecnologia simple, capaz de captar y almacenar agua limpia y adecuada para consumo humano.
The next day, his unit rescued six surviving US Army Rangers from the Cisterna entrapment [761 other Rangers had become casualties when caught in the open by German armored units at Cisterna, about 16 miles inland from Anzio].
Sudbury is an untapped cinematic treasure," says Sean Cisterna, director and producer.