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v. cit·ed, cit·ing, cites
a. To quote or refer to (a book or author, for example) as an authority or example in making an argument.
b. Law To refer to (a previous court decision or other legal precedent), as when arguing a case.
2. To mention or bring forward as support, illustration, or proof: cited several instances of insubordinate behavior.
a. To commend officially for meritorious action in military service.
b. To honor formally.
4. To issue a notice of violation to: was cited by the police for jaywalking.
v.intr. Law
To make reference to a previous court decision. Often used with to: The lower court cited to the Supreme Court decision issued last year.
n. Informal
A citation or quotation.

[Middle English citen, to summon, from Old French citer, from Latin citāre; see keiə- in Indo-European roots.]

cit′a·ble adj.


References in classic literature ?
His manner abroad had lost its ex- citable watchfulness; it had become puzzled and diffident, as though he had suspected that there was somewhere about him something slightly com- promising, some embarrassing oddity; and yet had remained unable to discover what on earth this something wrong could be.
Abstracts presented at the Annual Meeting are published online and are citable.
You can also choose to view all collections or just one and pick from a variety of citable formats (BibTeX, EndNote, MARC, for example).
Conclusion: This work provides the most influential references related to FMF and serves as a guide to what makes a publication citable.
In contrast to the official journal impact factor, CiteScore recognizes all articles as potentially citable, including editorials and letters to the editor, which are usually cited less often.
However, close examination reveals that the subset (text box) of the larger manuscript should not have been treated as a separate citable item, and by doing so, sets a dangerous new precedent in which authors may be tempted to start registering sub-sections of their main manuscript with separate DOIs, or even on indexing data-bases, thus having the opportunity of "scoring" more citations.
The JIF "indicate[s] the number of times, on average, that a citable item in a given journal is .
This package is easily shareable, citable, and usable by the creator and the community at large, as it is usually quite compact.
It is important to know that IF only measures average number of citations as a fraction of total number of citable articles.
En ciencias sociales es muy claro que los investigadores formados y en formacion adolecemos de dos tipos de mana: 1) seguimos creyendo que la produccion legible y citable ocurre en las revistas internacionales disponibles para el selecto grupo de las universidades que pagan por el acceso a bases de datos; y 2) creemos, paradojicamente, que toda investigacion medianamente lograda, e incluso algunas que no logran ningun tipo de argumento, debe materializarse en articulos publicados en revistas indexadas.
At the very most, the very most, of the thousands and thousands of religions that mankind has had and will have, at the very most only one of them is true, and there is no citable likelihood, especially given that disastrous history, that even one of them is.
HBKU Press uses its QScience platform to provide a home to the proceedings of many conferences held in Qatar and the region, which makes them citable and archived for use by future generations.