Having a city or cities.


having cities


(ˈsɪt id)

occupied by a city or cities.
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In this regard, the minister citied GCC decision to raise production to make up for the stop of the flow of Libyan oil due to the political unrest.
While SIAM citied the recent diesel price hike as one of the reasons to downgrade growth in passenger
The German educationist citied as an example the cooperation between
Not surprisingly, unemployment and poverty lead the list of causes of hunger citied by officials in the survey cities; lack of affordable housing, poverty, and unemployment are seen as the main causes of homelessness.
When asked how much they trust various organizations to conduct comparative research, 74% cited non-profit organizations focused on a specific illness as trust worthy organizations while 70% citied an independent panel of doctors and other health professionals.
He citied several reasons for this decline, including the Greek debt crisis, lack of confidence in the future of the Euro and pressure on the banking system.
Women (44%) citied this as an obstacle significantly more than men (33%).
Low wages led the list of causes of hunger citied by officials in the cities surveyed, and lack of affordable housing was seen as the chief cause of homelessness for both families with children and unaccompanied individuals.
Ashton citied an example in this regard noting that the EU is spending 4 million euro to reduce violence against women in Egypt.
He has been a guest lecturer at Pace Law School in Trust and Estates law and was citied by the New York Law Journal in an article entitled "Who's Who in Trusts and Estates.
The promise means that the ICRC has to upgrade its human and material resources including the logistic potentials in the country as soon as possible, the statement citied Kellenberger as saying.
The move was part of a broader "race to the living room" among digital entertainment providers, Financial Times citied Gartner analyst Mike McGuire as saying.