Having a city or cities.


having cities


(ˈsɪt id)

occupied by a city or cities.
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On the other end of the scale, the north east was the region which had the lowest number of employees who faked illness, with employees in the nonprofit industry being the most common and childcare issues Collectively, loses an 38 million the most citied reason for faking a sick day.
Khurashid stressed the need to keep politics away from sports and citied involvement of politics as the key factor in the overall decline of sports in the country.
The orders citied unpermitted construction as a pretext.
The Middle East is already citied by the ITU as being the second least Internet connected region in the world with 58% of the population being off-line.
Myra Imran, who compiled the report, citied relevant findings of credible journalist bodies to note that Pakistan is the fourth deadliest country for journalists after Mexico, the Philippines and Iraq.
In a statement issued to the Qatar News Agency ahead of the National Day, Sheikh Abdullah citied QCB's role in maintaining the financial and banking stability of the country to underpin the central bank's successful realisation of the its objectives.
The couple, who scooped the first prize of PS50,000 on the ITV show in July, citied hectic schedules as the reason for their separation.
Hariri citied many reasons, including the security situation in Lebanon, for his sudden decision.
Janowski citied the robo-advisor Wealthfront and the app Acorns, which allows users to save and invest small amounts, as examples of millennial-friendly applications with responsive designs that are easy to use regardless of end user device.
This was not the first call by SIS, as the organisation has condemned in a statement on Sunday the agencies' coverage that citied higher numbers for the shootout casualties than the numbers that were provided in the Interior Ministry's official statements.
Tassin citied issues including property tax reform and public education.
He citied that gaining votes of religious parities in a liberal city like Lahore in the recent election was matter of grave concern.