citizen's arrest

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cit·i·zen's arrest

1. An arrest made by a person other than a law enforcement officer for a crime committed in the presence of that person.
2. An arrest made by a person who is not a law enforcement officer but who makes the arrest under the authorization of a law enforcement officer.

citizen's arrest

(Law) an arrest carried out by an ordinary member of the public rather than an officer of the law

cit′izen's arrest′

an arrest made by a private citizen whose authority derives from the fact of citizenship.
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On Sunday, MMDA said it is eyeing to conduct citizen's arrest against unruly and defiant motorists threatening to harm its traffic enforcers.
The citizen's arrest law has officially been introduced in Lamu as a measure against increasing crime.
THE law allows you to use "reasonable force" to protect yourself or others, to prevent a crime or make a citizen's arrest.
That is a crime and pwede silang maaresto (they can be arrested) by virtue of citizen's arrest,' the new Customs chief said.
Two men carried out a citizen's arrest on schizophrenic David McTaggart after they saw him grab a woman and steal her bag.
Arun admitted Tom lived up to his fearsome reputation during the citizen's arrest, saying he left the alleged thief looking "wrecked and in shock".
Former Lord Advocate Frank Mulholland has revealed that Vatican security chiefs were worried about the pontiff being the target of a citizen's arrest.
And whilst on the subject of wishful thinking: can someone please perform a citizen's arrest on Mother Angela of Berlin, and take her to the Hague and charge her with crimes against humanity?
A bearded former British police who now works as a hired-car driver is conducting citizen's arrest against UberX drivers who are making the hire car business unfair and difficult for the common drivers.
I'm going to call the police as I've made a citizen's arrest, I've collared our manager and I'm sitting on his chest.
for Calgary Southeast and Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism, announced that Bill C-26, the Citizen's Arrest and Self-defence Act, has come into force.
A MOTORIST who knocked a man off his bike in a town centre told shocked witnesses that he was making a Citizen's Arrest.

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