citizens arrest

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cit′izen's arrest′

an arrest made by a private citizen whose authority derives from the fact of citizenship.
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CONTROVERSIAL VISIT: Tony Blair arrives for the book signing and (left) Kate O'Sullivan, who attempted to make a citizens arrest on the former prime minister.
But they were stunned when they got the telling off for making a citizens arrest as security mangers were terrified the thief could sue them for hurting him on the site.
Newscasters and public alike need to arrest these people with a citizens arrest and wait for the police to take over.
The LAPD supporter, Joni Lyman of North Hollywood, placed the man, identified as Christian Smith, under citizens arrest.
The website also offers advice for those who have not carried out a citizens arrest in the past.
Supreme Court, claiming Ventura County Sheriff's Department deputies falsely arrested and incarcerated him after a resident made a citizens arrest of Williams over a property dispute, attorneys said.
I wanted to keep up the pressure in terms of people conducting citizens arrests [on Mr Blair] around the world," Grundy added, claiming that the attempted arrest was supported by Hong Kong law and based on alleged violations of the Nuremburg Principles, the UN Charter and the Geneva Convention.
He said that people should be more prepared to take action if they see vandals at work and called on the public to assist the police and make citizens arrests.
Founder of a group legendary for making citizens arrests, Sliwa stated: "A war criminal like General Beshir cannot stroll freely on the sidewalks of New York.

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