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cit·i·zens band

n. Abbr. CB
A radio-frequency band officially allocated for private radio communications.

cit′izens band`

(often caps.) a band of radio frequencies used for short-distance private communications between fixed or mobile stations. Abbr.: CB
[1945–50, Amer.]
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EZ LTE Enables Affordable and Reliable Private LTE over Citizens Band Spectrum
A man trapped in his crashed truck Tuesday afternoon on Little Fall Creek Mainline Road east of Fall Creek used his citizens band radio to call for help, and ultimately was assisted by another man with a CB radio, the Lane County Sheriff's Office said Wednesday.
The founders of The Citizens Band were inspired by the play Cabaret, set in 1930s Berlin, that married avant garde style and sophistication to heart-on-the-sleeve human rights advocacy.
Indeed, how else could American citizens band together politically without forming some sort of corporation or--as de Tocqueville put it--"association" and pooling donations?
more about please uk/sos Today Peter Brookes from Criccieth will be at Porthmadog Yacht Club with a number of other amateur radio and citizens band enthusiasts getting the public talking on air and raising money for Criccieth lifeboat station the same time.
21) Two of Demme's early films were Citizens Band (aka Handle with Care, 1977) a clever view of CB (citizens band) radio aficionados who created alter egos over the airwaves, and Melvin and Howard, portraying the alleged encounter between a gas station attendant and the obsessively reclusive Howard Hughes.
So much of our region's history is bound up with trade unionism, the cooperative movement, friendly societies, and community groups, where citizens band together to achieve by their united endeavours more than they ever could by the sum total of their individual efforts.
The group's next fundraising event is a concert by Vintage Brass Senior Citizens Band.
West Mercia Police used the illegal Citizens Band radio system to help foil an invasion of the Frankley Service area on the M5 by 400 hippie-style youngsters.
Inside the Roosevelt, singer-actress Christina Milian, Michele Hicks, Josie Maran, Cindy Crawford, actor-director Jon Favreau, ``Entourage'' star Debi Mazar and Humanity's denim king Jerome Dahan waited for the Citizens Band, which came on stage around 11.
A founder resident of the Penrhys estate and Citizens Band enthusiast has died.

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