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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: - being or having the customs or manners or dress of a city person
urban - located in or characteristic of a city or city life; "urban property owners"; "urban affairs"; "urban manners"
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Many persons, themselves city-bred and city-reared, have fled to the soil and succeeded in winning great happiness.
Sonam Kapoor as Pari the city-bred, tabla maestro and a freshly minted MBA, is a misfit and strictly mediocre.
While all the characters are believable and well-acted, actress Sonam Kapoor in her role as Pari, the progressive city-bred graduate who joins hands with Chauhan, falters.
Like the early neoconservatives, the libertarian graybeards were mostly Catholics and Jews and largely New York City-bred or based.
On the one hand, there are city-bred and educated young women like me, and on the other hand there are young women who live in the city but in areas that can best be described as urban villages.
And for many city-bred children, visits to a farm may even provide a concrete lesson on the origins of food (e.
Born in England, he arrived down under as an ambitious and adventurous city-bred young man.
In 2005, Little Ear nurses a crush on classmate Xu Yi (Yang Yang), who's handsome, city-bred, wealthy, an ace basketball player and a straight-A student.
Unlike "Kumki", Vikram appears in the role of a city-bred youth in "Ivan Vera Mathiri.
Peggy Noland is a Kansas City-bred designer whose aesthetic of paint, patches and patterns lies somewhere between Halloween costume, club kid clothes and punk pastiche.
These city-bred young men and poorly built half-breeds knew in one day how to rise against a cruel government, [.
If the political class and the military in Pakistan have taken it to the dogs, India's ruling elite and its city-bred middle class are doing nothing to resolve the festering conflicts that threaten the stability and progress of this country of 1.