civic responsibility

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Noun1.civic responsibility - the responsibilities of a citizen
duty, obligation, responsibility - the social force that binds you to the courses of action demanded by that force; "we must instill a sense of duty in our children"; "every right implies a responsibility; every opportunity, an obligation; every possession, a duty"- John D.Rockefeller Jr
jury duty - the civic duty to serve on a jury
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It's my position that convicted felons ought to have demonstrated some kind of civic responsibility before you arbitrarily give it back," says Alabama state legislator Mark Gaines, a Republican.
Declaring that Americans want their children well-versed in civic responsibility as well as in academics, a newly formed committee is urging schools to make service learning a part of every child's education.
Hernando saw his civic responsibility and definition of himself as greater than a dancer.
They did not accept the responsibility of safeguarding the environment, and they did not accept any civic responsibility for the vast economic experiment that was American deindustrialization.
This group established themselves as an example for others to follow in such areas as retention, organization, civic responsibility, and interest to the ever-important problem-solving process and worked with law enforcement in a team effort.
Not only do you have a moral and ethical responsibility, but you have a civic responsibility to ensure people are law abiding, to ensure that they comply with police directions," he said.
Our aim is to help educators, students and parents work together to build civic responsibility, intellectual openness, personal freedom and mutual respect for all students," says Gene Carter, executive director of ASCD.
But sometimes I wonder if some of my eighth graders might still be recalling the valuable lesson they learned about civic responsibility in their junior high science class.
In the absence of income insurance, officials could only appeal to the public's sense of civic responsibility to comply with quarantine restrictions.
This accepted teaching method, "service learning," can enhance the learning objectives of existing courses, inspire civic responsibility in students, and infuse goodwill into the community with measurable results.
The idea is based on former US President Bill Clinton's foundation which promotes civic responsibility and charity work.
They, in turn, have a civic responsibility to serve the public interest and play a constructive role in our democracy.