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Concerned with civic interests or active in community affairs.


concerned with community well-being.
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As in years past, this coming together of the Philippine business sector's most civic-minded movers and shakers is a demonstration of FPI members' generosity of spirit, as well as their commitment to support local industries in their vital role in the heightened competitiveness and in the continuous growth of the national economy.
Jack represented one of the last of a generation of civic-minded generous philanthropists in Elgin.
Indirectly referring to the controversy surrounding the movie "Padmaavat", he said, "A civic-minded nation is built by civic-minded neighbourhoods, whether in our cities or our villages, where we respect the next-door person's space, privacy and rights, where we do not inconvenience our neighbours while celebrating a festival or while resorting to a protest or on any other occasion, where one can disagree with another viewpoint, or even with a historical context.
The CYAC program was formed in 2004 to gain insight from students in Collin County and to inspire civic-minded young adults to achieve their full potential and begin building a legacy of service.
If you turned Eyal Friedman's life story into a biopic, it would probably be terrible, the kind of treacly nonsense that civic-minded critics like to praise in think pieces but no one really enjoys.
Using data from a purposeful sample of 1,066 alumni from 30 campuses who participated in the 20th Anniversary Bonner Scholars Study, we explored the extent to which SL experiences during the college years were related to civic outcomes post-graduation, particularly in terms of civic-minded orientations, volunteering, and civic action.
To become a Justice Teaching volunteer and prepare students to become civic-minded adults, visit www.
Founded in 2012, iCitizen is the mobile platform for civic-minded individuals who want a source of transparent, aggregated information and a tool to communicate with their representatives at the local, state and federal level.
THREE civic-minded Huddersfield girls are doing their bit to stop bullying.
Mihailidis argues that fostering media literacy will create a more civic-minded, participatory culture.
Like most parents who are involved with fostering healthy, civic-minded and well-balanced families, we recognize how important active lifestyles are for building togetherness, a sense of community and lifelong well-being.
After applying for a license in May 2011, Crowe found that various civic-minded folks had already convinced the city manager that her proposal did not meet that test, since she'd be competing with their shuttle businesses.