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Noun1.civil order - the form of government of a social organizationcivil order - the form of government of a social organization
order - established customary state (especially of society); "order ruled in the streets"; "law and order"
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For such as violate our civil order, it may be permitted us to show mercy.
POKER AND PHILOSOPHY: POCKET ROCKETS AND PHILOSOPHER KINGS is for philosophers and poker enthusiasts alike, linking the moves and strategies of the game to ideas of prediction, civil order, calculated wins, and more.
Christ's spiritual kingdom and the civil order are two completely different things," John Calvin once observed.
With civil order breaking down, "Some veterans got together as vigilantes to stop rioting and looting, hanged a few people .
The bulk of the text deals with the fighting but the final chapters deal with life in Germany as experienced by people there: the plight of Allied pow's, Hitler's scorched earth policy, the collapse of civil order, the fighting in Poland after the war's end between Communists and non-Communists.
These books not only deal specifically with the experience and service of the detachments of the 12th and 50th Regiments in colonial Queensland during the years 1860 to 1869, but also include personnel who had previously seen service on the Victorian goldfields during 1854 (including 6 soldiers of the 12th who were in Ballarat at the time of Eureka), while others assisted the defence of the civil order at the Lambing Flats goldfields disturbances in 1861-62.
The posts will be set up to return civil order in the northernmost province as many police stations were damaged or swept away by the tsunami.
Yet, by a similar margin, the public believes the US is not making significant progress towards restoring civil order.
Similarly, in Iraq, Rumsfeld and Bush ignored warnings by the State Department, Army War College and the CIA that post-invasion Iraq would require a great many boots on the ground to establish civil order and a true international effort so that Americans would not be seen as imperialist occupiers.
In Iraq, British and US forces were expected to overcome Saddam Hussein's army quickly, then take onWar expert PROFESSOR JIM WYLLIE of Aberdeen University examines the situations that can harden soldiers to crueltya role of maintaining civil order.
The consequences are dreadful, says McWhorter, not only for our language but also for our civil order.
Home Office minister Baroness Scotland said: "Breaches of this civil order will be capable of being charged as an offence in itself which has a maximum penalty of five years' imprisonment.