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tr.v. civ·i·lized, civ·i·liz·ing, civ·i·liz·es
1. To raise from barbarism to an enlightened stage of development; bring out of a primitive or savage state.
2. To educate in matters of culture and refinement; make more polished or sophisticated.

civ′i·liz′a·ble adj.
civ′i·liz′er n.


(ˈsɪvɪlaɪzɪŋ) or


bringing a higher state of culture and social development
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It spoke much of the rights and duties of civilization, of the sacredness of the civilizing work, and extolled the merits of those who went about bringing light, and faith and commerce to the dark places of the earth.
Sometimes, it is true," answered Grandfather, "the magistrates and ministers would talk about civilizing and converting the red people.
In the following I intend to examine the gradually upcoming of ethical standards of behavior as the result of what has been called the civilizing process.
Civilizing the wilderness; culture and nature in pre-confederation Canada and Rupert's land.
den Otter, Civilizing the Wilderness: Culture and Nature in Pre-Confederation Canada and Rupert's Land Edmonton: University of Alberta Press, 2012, 438 pages.
The second is the process sociology of Norbert Elias, especially his work on "the civilizing process," but seen through the eyes of someone with a long-term engagement in critical social theory.
And at the launch of Nayantara Sahgal's Jawaharlal Nehru: Civilizing A Savage World on a chilly Wednesday evening, it was Rajya Sabha MP and former minister Mani Shankar Aiyar's turn to pay tribute to the man who was the " single biggest influence" in his life.
CIVILIZING THE CITY DOG: A GUIDE TO REHABILITATING AGGRESSIVE DOGS IN AN URBAN ENVIRONMENT is a fine pick for city dwellers who old aggressive dogs in urban places.
The cult was central to Qing political culture, "making female virtue integral to imperial state building and the civilizing project that legitimated it (13).
Mann argues that 'to pave the way for the civilizing mission, protagonists basically concurred on the subject, differing only in its means'.
And the public response is encouraging--since the new route opened, passenger numbers have been well in excess of expectations, proof of the civilizing potential of good design for the everyday.
The confluence--or at least the alternation--of sex and speech is a civilizing condition.