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n. Scots & Irish
A small village; a hamlet.

[Partly from Irish clachán and partly from Scottish Gaelic clachan, both ultimately from Old Irish clochán, clachán, causeway, paved road, from cloch, clach, stone; akin to Welsh clwg, steep rock, cliff.]


(Gaelic ˈklaxən; English ˈklæ-)
(Human Geography) dialect Scot and Irish a small village; hamlet
[C15: from Scottish Gaelic: probably from clach stone]
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So when it comes dark again, I will steal down into that clachan, and set this that I have been making in the window of a good friend of mine, John Breck Maccoll, a bouman[26] of Appin's.
George's reminding him of his last penitential moments in the lane, and of that King of Glory whose name had echoed ever since in the saddest corner of his memory; and the gutters where he had learned to slide, and the shop where he had bought his skates, and the stones on which he had trod, and the railings in which he had rattled his clachan as he went to school; and all those thousand and one nameless particulars, which the eye sees without noting, which the memory keeps indeed yet without knowing, and which, taken one with another, build up for us the aspect of the place that we call home: all these besieged him, as he went, with both delight and sadness.
Seil the deal Nicknamed 'The Bridge Over the Atlantic', you'd think this would be sizeable, but instead it's a simple, single-arched, hump-backed structure spanning the Clachan Sound.
At the west end of Coronation Gulf, only Clachan, Beulah, Nuvuk (Morrison, 1983), Bloody Falls (McGhee, 1972), and Lady Franklin Point (Taylor, 1963, 1972) have been studied enough to allow an assessment of their chronological placement.
replacement of existing E7 heating installations new Smart E7 heating installations at Clachan Court, Derrylin;
These attempts to authenticate the reconstruction were highlighted in the official guide which noted that 'An Clachan is situated in the Exhibition grounds on the banks of the River Kelvin, or "Caol Abhainn" as it was called in Gaelic times'.
The Brookhouse - open The Clachan (formerly the Vine) - open Kelly's Dispensary - open The Willow Bank - open The Woodcroft - converted into Indian restaurant The Royal Hotel - closed The Mulliner - closed and up for sale The Newstead Abbey - open The New Campfield - closed and converted into flats The Boundary - open
It's a tribute to designer Lizzie Clachan and lighting designer Neff Austin that the mostly two-handed scenes illustrating the engulfing financial, social and emotional claustrophobia of Racheal's life are rendered strikingly across the wide open space of the National's almost abandoned Lyttelton stage.
He was born in Ireland where the clachan was the significant social unit and rundale a characteristic form of collective landholding.
Visitors can also opt to stay in one of the eight An Clachan selfcatering cottages on the site of the centre.
Visitors can also opt to stay in one of the eight An Clachan self-catering cottages on the site of the centre.