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v. clacked, clack·ing, clacks
1. To make an abrupt, sharp sound, as in the collision of two hard surfaces.
2. To chatter thoughtlessly or at length.
3. To cackle or cluck, as a hen.
To cause to make an abrupt, sharp sound.
1. A clacking sound: the clack of an old-fashioned typewriter.
2. Something that makes a clacking sound.
3. Thoughtless, prolonged talk; chatter.

[Middle English clakken, from Old Norse klaka, of imitative origin.]

clack′er n.


1. an object that makes a clacking sound
2. dialect Northern English the mouth
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In September when bass feed on small shad and fishing pressure has been heavy, he fishes an 1/8-ounce buzzbait with a clacker.
You might want to get a bell with a removable clacker because once he realises the power he has to get you to the door, he won't only use it for when he wants to go out to the loo.
The Canaries issued every fan with a clacker that pumped up the volume and ex-favourites Dion Dublin, Darren Huckerby and Darren Eadie, paraded before kick-off, were the chief cheerleaders.
I pulled out a pen and filled out the papers right then and there, sitting in a hole out in the Bo Loi Woods, M-i6 leaning against my leg, two grenades and a Claymore clacker sitting on a sandbag to my left.
He also played a clacker sound, emitted when the aircraft goes over the speed limit and the wailer horn -- the autopilot disengage warning system.
They include an ear flattener and a nose shaper, a cheque protector, music hall clacker to show disappointment at bad performances and a clockwork burglar alarm.
went the clacker, the black-and-white signboard marking yet another take.
Nollett and Clacker completed the job with Fossick replying.
Seems she's been disappointed by every Size 0 clacker (so-called for the sounds their Manolos make when they walk) who's tried to anticipate her whims and fulfill her impossible demands.
The clacker and stick-shaker activated, the captain took control of the airplane, the autopilot disengaged and the airplane began to bank to the left in a nose-low attitude.
Behind the tugboat's deckhouse, I built a ship's wheel with a clacker that sounded with each turn.
its swollen clacker pathetically donking against fire hydrants