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n. (used with a sing. verb)
A system of classification based on the presumed phylogenetic relationships and evolutionary history of groups of organisms.

cla·dis′tic, cla·dis′ti·cal adj.
cla·dis′ti·cal·ly adv.


relating to the classification of species based on evolutionary ancestry
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Generic revision of Onychiurinae (Collembola: Onychiuridae) with a cladistic analysis.
The purpose of this paper is a new synthesis of hypotheses about relationships between the species of the Gothograptus lineage, in light of new observations and the new insights derived from the cladistic studies of Bates et al.
Furthermore, few cladistic analyses of morphological and cytotaxonomic data have been reported, which makes the phylogenetic relationships within the family difficult to resolve.
The results will demonstrate the importance of cladistic analyses including extant and extinct members of a clade to accurately calibrate phylogenies and to explore the correlation between phenotypic innovations, biogeographic events, climatic changes and diversification inside this group.
Initial examination of these fossils based on evident morphological characters a priori (due to missing or conflicting characters), precluded definite affinities with Solanales for one subset (Cantisolanum and certain Solanites species--as discussed below in section "Discussion"), suggested the possibility of Solanaceous affinities pending further analysis for another (those associated with Solanites brongniartii--Sections Cladistic Analysis and Methods for S.
Revision and cladistic analysis of the Polyozus group of Australian Phylini (Heteroptera: Miridae: Phylinae).
Boyko (2002) thoroughly revised the taxonomy of the albuneids, and Boyko and Harvey (2009) performed a cladistic analysis using morphological characters that provided detailed phytogenies for all species in the family.
Cladistic analysis of scorpions (Jeram 1998) places these two species as sister groups within the clade Mesoscorpionina, together with early Carboniferous Pulmonoscorpius (Acanthoscorpius Kjellesvig-Waering, 1986 having been subsequently removed from the Scorpiones (Legg et al.
The study includes many black and white renditions of ancient creatures, topographical graphics, phylogenetic and cladistic diagrams, and color plates.
They undertook nearest-neighbour tests and cladistic analysis which demonstrated that villages with speakers belonging to languages of the Austronesian family--a linguistic group unrelated to the rest of the languages, which are all Papuan--had cultural packages that were more similar and more likely to be related (Shennan and Collard 2005:159-61).
A cladistic analysis of phenotypic associations with haplotypes inferred from restriction endonuclease mapping and DNA sequence data.