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Noun1.claim agent - one who investigates insurance claims or claims for damages and recommends an effective settlementclaim agent - one who investigates insurance claims or claims for damages and recommends an effective settlement
investigator - someone who investigates
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Cookson's goodbye to claim Agent Fedora put her hat in the ring late on in the bumper for what looked an unlikely success on the home bend to help her conditional rider Ed Cookson wave goodbye to his 5lb claim.
The recipient is asked to contact a claim agent and then send fees to receive additional money.
NAME: MAILLING ADDRESS: EMAIL: COUNTRY: PHONE/FAX NUMBER: AGE: SEX: OCCUPATION: upon your confirmation email to the claim agent.
But Prso had by then agreed to join Rangers and it is a claim agent Ranko Stojic adamantly refuted.
The typical pension applicant dealt directly with a claim agent who served as the intermediary with the attorney.
Enhanced call center troubleshooting capabilities and assist in resolving product issues before any claim is needed or claim agent dispatched.
A smart contract system would bring all parties in the insurance value chain consumers, insurers, claim agents and third-party vendors together on one platform.
In providing this information to experienced underwriters and risk management experts, claim agents are helping their companies make well-informed, data-driven business decisions.
The letters claim agents have bought tickets on their behalf and ask for the 'winner' to send personal information, including bank account details and names of next of kin.
Members also include businesses that are engaged in refrigerated food logistics, such as attorneys, claim agents, carriers, equipment suppliers, receivers, and consignees.
As sociologist Jill Quadagno (1988) has noted, an extensive infrastructure of pension and claim agents, pension attorneys and medical boards served this first large scale federal welfare system.
Boat captains, helicopter pilots and other vendors claim agents have taken control of vendors' pricing and marketing.