claim back

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w>claim back

vt sepzurückfordern; to claim something back (as expenses)sich (dat)etw zurückzahlen or -geben or -erstatten lassen
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this week launched a joint campaign to encourage people to claim back PPI themselves for free.
Authorities reassured holidaymakers they could claim back money lost on bookings while alternative flights were available through the Air Travel Organiser's Licensing scheme.
For lower-rate taxpayers, charities can claim back 28p for each pounds 1 given.
Companies are set to claim back billions in tax following a European Court of Justice decision.
Davey struck again twice to claim back the lead but a Martin Waite touchdown and Welsh's second penalty sealed it for the Red Reivers.
Police forces in the North-East have been told they can only claim back a fraction of the costs of the failed merger bids ( even though the total bill will top pounds 1m.
BANK customers are poised to claim back millions in rip-off penalty charges after a landmark court case.
THE Government has decided not to claim back more than pounds 750,000 in overpaid housing benefit from a North Wales council.
He said: 'Under existing rules, suppliers who have not been paid after six months from the date of supply or due date, if later, are able to claim back the VAT on that invoice, providing they issued a letter to their customer informing them of that action.
Benefit bosses turned Santa last night after REFUSING to claim back hundreds of pounds from a hard-up Scots chef.
MINISTERS pushing for tolled lanes on congested roads could be able to claim back the cost of using them on expenses.
The result of the tribunal is due in the next few weeks and will determine whether clubs can claim back VAT from making payments to agents.