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tr.v. claimed, claim·ing, claims
1. To demand, ask for, or take as one's own or one's due: claim a reward; claim one's luggage at the airport carousel.
2. To take in a violent manner as if by right: a hurricane that claimed two lives.
3. To state to be true, especially when open to question; assert or maintain: claimed he had won the race; a candidate claiming many supporters.
4. To deserve or call for; require: problems that claim her attention.
1. A demand for something as rightful or due.
2. A basis for demanding something; a title or right.
3. Something claimed in a formal or legal manner, especially a tract of public land staked out by a miner or homesteader.
a. A demand for payment in accordance with an insurance policy or other formal arrangement.
b. The sum of money demanded.
5. A statement of something as a fact; an assertion of truth: makes no claim to be a cure.
lay claim to
To assert one's right to or ownership of.

[Middle English claimen, from Old French clamer, claim-, from Latin clāmāre, to call; see kelə- in Indo-European roots.]

claim′a·ble adj.
claim′er n.
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The level of internal as well as external reporting has risen, with composite insurers needing to split the cost between the life and non-life business as only non-life business expenses are claimable as input tax under VAT regulations.
What can be particularly annoying is if you mention a claimable incident to your insurer but opt not to claim.
The other one is the mileage allowance, a claimable amount for actual extra kilometres travelled by a member whose area of representation is beyond 375km.
Fundamentally, if a company is carrying out R&D then many costs associated with this process, including utility, building, support staff, consumables, prototyping and even external contractor costs, are often claimable.
The maximum claimable sum of insurance indemnity is understood to be within 1.
This means that value-added tax (VAT) incurred on common costs and general overheads such as marketing and promotional expenses, utilities, professional fees, purchases of office furniture will not be fully claimable and would need to be apportioned.
This so-called doctrine of 'the substance' seems to me to be nothing more than an attempt to make a man pay notwithstanding that he has so ordered his affairs that the amount of tax sought from him is not legally claimable.
But, surprisingly enough, the state also has a deduction to care for exceptional trees -- claimable only once every three years, up to $3,000, and the work must be done by a certified arborist on a certified tree.
Even though GST is imposed at each level of the supply chain, the tax element does not become part of the cost of the product because GST paid on the business inputs is claimable.
This means VAT incurred on common costs and overheads will only be claimable only to an extent, it stated.
As regards the extent of damages claimable, the court held that both confinement and maintenance costs were reasonably foreseeable and therefore compensable.
The unclaimed money managed by ASIC is always claimable by the rightful owner with no time limit on claims.