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tr.v. claimed, claim·ing, claims
1. To demand, ask for, or take as one's own or one's due: claim a reward; claim one's luggage at the airport carousel.
2. To take in a violent manner as if by right: a hurricane that claimed two lives.
3. To state to be true, especially when open to question; assert or maintain: claimed he had won the race; a candidate claiming many supporters.
4. To deserve or call for; require: problems that claim her attention.
1. A demand for something as rightful or due.
2. A basis for demanding something; a title or right.
3. Something claimed in a formal or legal manner, especially a tract of public land staked out by a miner or homesteader.
a. A demand for payment in accordance with an insurance policy or other formal arrangement.
b. The sum of money demanded.
5. A statement of something as a fact; an assertion of truth: makes no claim to be a cure.
lay claim to
To assert one's right to or ownership of.

[Middle English claimen, from Old French clamer, claim-, from Latin clāmāre, to call; see kelə- in Indo-European roots.]

claim′a·ble adj.
claim′er n.
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One who sets forth a claim to a royal title:
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Back in the late 1980s, JImmy was a 7lb claimer with Mike O'Neill, and I was joint owner, with Mike, of a horse called Tongadin.
The 7lb claimer has been booked to ride 1000-1 chance Diore Lia in the Epsom Classic as owner Richard Aylward is keen to generate publicity for Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital by running his homebred filly in the main event.
Now the point of concern is that there was no such limitation or condition trough which we were made refused claimer .
A mark of 60 proved beyond him in a much better race than this at Pontefract last time, but he has been dropped 2lb on the back of that run and has the assistance of the talented 7lb claimer David Probert in the plate.
Terry Mills was full of praise for 7lb claimer Patrick Hills after Solid Rock showed real guts to win at Lingfield.
At Catterick yesterday, Lanarkshire-based Sandy Frame was all smiles after Desert Fighter carried his yellow and grey colours to a four-timer in the claimer.
We cited the €5,000 Laytown claimer as being a good example - its success speaks for itself.
Elsewhere on the card, Kevin Prendergast's Blue Mimosa, runner-up to gin Rummy at Down Royal and ridden by excellent 5lb claimer sam James, appeals in the opening two-year-old maiden.
Lava Man's Santa Anita Handicap victory on Saturday lifted the Cal-bred former claimer to No.
VALUABLE OPTION I WAS delighted to see 12 horses declared to run in last night's high-value claimer at Chester.