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The supposed power to hear things outside the range of normal perception.

clair·au′di·ent adj. & n.
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Awaken Your Divine Intuition", along with the included link to an online meditation, will help to: tap into an inner guidance and inner genius; receive unique signals that identify specific aspects of inner divinity; get divine messages and inner guidance and test whether they are real; awaken clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient gifts; experience radiant light, supernal love, and spiritual grace; heal ego blockages that have inhibited intuition; experience the divine presence anytime wanted; as well as never being alone again.
A colleague of mine from Goddard called me to ask if I might be ready to write my memoir about how I evolved as a clairaudient, and my Guides piped in and said that they had a book to write, and they would deliver it in its entirety in two weeks if we showed up for the sessions at an agreed-upon time.
Clairaudient medium Steve Holbrook, returns to Middlesbrough on Thursday.
Both Long and his wife, Val, possessed the clairaudient ability to interact with the spirit realm beginning in their youth.
COME and discover for yourself why Steve Holbrook is regarded by many as Britain's most gifted clairaudient medium.
Now her close friend Steve Holbrook, regarded by many as Britain''s most gifted clairaudient medium, will be leading a charity event in her memory at George Hotel on Sunday, March 4.
Joe claimed to be a clairaudient, not a clairvoyant - he's only got a digital radio link to the dead, not Sky+ for stiffs - but it was clear when it came to bulls*** he was a 48in screen Bang & Olufsen LCD flat-screen with Dolby stereo-surround sound.
Eliot likely knew little of Russell's personal life at this point, but he obviously intuited something of the force of the sexual energy of the famous philosopher and foreshadowed with a clairaudient accuracy his immediate future.
The Yorkshire-born-dad of three says he is clairaudient, as opposed to clairvoyant, which means he says he hears the voices of the dearly departed rather than sees them.
If you said B, you are CLAIRAUDIENT - you hear information psychically, you must listen to your inner voice.
She is clairvoyant, clairsentient and clairaudient and uses Tarot cards and numerology in her readings with Psychics Connect.