clam diggers

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clam dig·gers

or clam·dig·gers (klăm′dĭg′ərz)
Casual pants in a midcalf length.
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The one we built is based on the Maine clam hod--a wood and wire basket used by clam diggers, which allows the clams to be rinsed right in the basket, with dirt and water running out through the sides and bottom.
Maine Governor Paul LePage endorsed Trump, but Romney's anti-Trump speech on Thursday may have been enough for moderate Republican clam diggers who still hold Romney in high regard.
A tractor and an ingenious harvesting tool also do the dirty work once performed by metal racks and human clam diggers.
Past requirements for clam diggers to count surf clams on the boat for federal regulators and recount them at the dock for state regulators, for example, have been eliminated, as have regulations that stopped funeral homes from serving food at receptions.
Numbering an estimated 30,000 families, the clam diggers, or piangueras, are the poorest of Colombia's impoverished Afro-Colombian community: the descendants of African slaves who, when slavery was abolished in 1851, populated the country's Pacific coast, where they could freely live off the land and sea.
At low tide, clam diggers once peppered the mudflats, punching gloved
The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife and the Clam Diggers Association of Oregon will host a series of clam-digging clinics throughout the coast, starting this month and running through October.
Prizewinning poet Darcie Dennigan presents Corinna A-Maying the Apocalypse, an anthology of original, free-verse works given to a diversity of rhythms, structures, and syntax, often giving a glimpse of the world through eyes ranging from those of a tremulous child to haunted people to clam diggers and much more.
Marino and Paul Rudd play clam diggers getting slowly squeezed out of business in 1976 Long Island, a time when big corporations were making a play for the same waters these men's families had raked for generations.
Things were changing for the local community of clam diggers, though.
Here on the coast of Maine, the clam diggers fear a "red tide.
Those braving the cold were rewarded with two Marias, in identical long-sleeved dresses with what might well be defined as clam diggers protruding to warm the legs.