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clam 1

a. Any of various usually burrowing marine and freshwater bivalve mollusks chiefly of the subclass Heterodonta, including members of the families Veneridae and Myidae, many of which are edible.
b. The soft edible body of such a mollusk.
2. Informal A close-mouthed person, especially one who can keep a secret.
3. Slang A dollar: owed them 75 clams.
intr.v. clammed, clam·ming, clams
To hunt for clams.
Phrasal Verb:
clam up Informal
To refuse to talk.

[From obsolete clam-shell, shell that clamps, clam, from clam.]

clam′mer n.

clam 2

A clamp or vise.

[Middle English, from Old English clam, clamm, bond, fetter.]


a person who gathers clams
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As J Clammer writes in his 1985 book, Singapore: Ideology, Society, Culture, "English is seen as the language of technology and management, and the Asian languages as carriers of cultural values.
By the late 1980s, the new materials they produced (Greig, Pike, & Selby, 1987; Beddis, 1988) were challenging the parochialism and conservatism of much that was previously available and were being joined by other exciting texts (Hopkin & Morris, 1987; Clammer et al, 1987).
The groundbreaking took place in the shadow and construction clammer of the already-underway 47-story South Office Tower, which, when completed, will become the headquarters of Coach Inc.
Red Gilbert in left is the great hitter who is a free spirit who mayor may not show up at game time; Reddy Clammer in center is a showboat who struts, poses, makes easy plays look hard to keep himself in the limelight; and Reddy Ray the right fielder (carried over from Grey's earlier novel) is the natural--a college star, a .
John Clammer, who knows Singapore well, has noted that "there is a permanent sense of crisis [Jn Singapore].
A clammer arose for a more basic rifle eliminating such niceties as the expensive battle sights and slimming down the handguard by trimming the cluster of Picatinny rails.
All that changed in 2000 when my wife and I joined Wisconsin native and former commercial clammer Tony Toye on the Mississippi River's Pool 9 near Ferryville, Wis.
Clammer Terry Wilkins has worked the bay since he was 11, and now, in his 50s, is still passionate about the trade.
We were looked after by local company Fundy Adventures, who helped us learn to dig for clams with seasoned clammer Terry Wilkins.
This may be partly influenced by the renewed interest in animism among anthropologists more generally (Bird-David 1999; Clammer, Poirier and Schwimmer 2004; Descola 1992; Viveiros de Castro 1998) which in turn is not unrelated to the rise of interest, outside anthropology, in the relations between humans and material objects in science and technology studies, and actor network theory.
If you have been sucked in by the clammer for 4x4s but don't want to compromise your beliefs or pay through the nose then the Kuga is a great go-anywhere alternative.
British sociologist John Clammer has described the Baba-Nonya as 'Chinese ethnically, Malayanised in respect of language and material culture, (3) and Europeanised in terms of political allegiance.