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clam 1

a. Any of various usually burrowing marine and freshwater bivalve mollusks chiefly of the subclass Heterodonta, including members of the families Veneridae and Myidae, many of which are edible.
b. The soft edible body of such a mollusk.
2. Informal A close-mouthed person, especially one who can keep a secret.
3. Slang A dollar: owed them 75 clams.
intr.v. clammed, clam·ming, clams
To hunt for clams.
Phrasal Verb:
clam up Informal
To refuse to talk.

[From obsolete clam-shell, shell that clamps, clam, from clam.]

clam′mer n.

clam 2

A clamp or vise.

[Middle English, from Old English clam, clamm, bond, fetter.]


a person who gathers clams
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And in Maine, authorities on Friday said theyre still searching for a clammer who disappeared during the blizzard.
But now director at Skelmersdale College, Helen Clammer, hopes the next step will be to gain charity status for the boat.
The Companys mission-critical software, data and digital marketing solutions provide customers best-in-class technology to run their businesses, said Adam Clammer, Founding Partner at True Wind Capital.
43) Dignity is oversimplified when presented as only a political demand from policy makers or used as an excuse for dreamy idleness and idle clammer for better conditions.
Por otro lado, la mayor parte de los estudios sobre consumo simbolico se centran en la interaccion del consumidor con los productos que adquieren, es decir, la compra y uso de objetos tangibles (Landon, 1974; Belk, 1984; Lorenzi, 1991; Clammer, 1992; Dittmar 1992; Ger y Belk, 1996; Fenollar y Ruiz, 2006).
A visit to BCJ on 4 August revealed that clamming had occurred in all five control plots, and a clammer was observed digging in one of the plots on that date.
THE SWITCH has established a world-class reputation by providing industry leading innovation and reliability in the broadcast video market," says Adam Clammer , Founding Partner of True Wind Capital.
6] CLAMMER, John (2000): "Received Dreams--Consumer Capitalism, Social Process and the Management of the Emotions in Contemporary Japan", in: J.
Clammer includes in his analysis of Japan's "Others" even "cognitive minorities" (e.
As J Clammer writes in his 1985 book, Singapore: Ideology, Society, Culture, "English is seen as the language of technology and management, and the Asian languages as carriers of cultural values.
While technological changes altered the manufacturing end of the business, a clammer in the 1930s operated much like one from the late 1890s.