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adj. clam·mi·er, clam·mi·est
1. Disagreeably moist, sticky, and cold to the touch: a clammy handshake.
2. Damp and unpleasant: clammy weather.
3. Uneasy; apprehensive: The ghost town gave us a clammy feeling.

[Middle English, sticky, probably from clam (from Old English, mud, clay) or from Middle Low German klam, stickiness.]

clam′mi·ly adv.
clam′mi·ness n.
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Noun1.clamminess - unpleasant wetness
damp, dampness, moistness - a slight wetness


nFeuchtigkeit f, → Klammheit f
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They writhed upon my throat; their cold lips sought my own; I was half stifled by their thronging pressure; disgust, for which the world has no name, swelled my bosom, and chilled, with a heavy clamminess, my heart.
Signs and symptoms of hypoglycemia includes shakiness, nervousness or anxiety, sweating, chills and clamminess, irritability or impatience, confusion, including delirium, rapid/fast heartbeat, lightheadedness or dizziness, hunger and nausea, sleepiness, blurred/impaired vision, tingling or numbness in the lips or tongue, headaches, weakness or fatigue, anger, stubbornness, or sadness, lack of coordination, nightmares or crying out during sleep, seizures and unconsciousness.
This reduces clamminess and prevents the blanket from sticking to the skin.
Hot flashes, which affect about 80% of women, are a sudden rush of heat, followed by facial flushing and sweating, often followed by chills and clamminess.
There may be feelings of fluctuating fevers and chills, sweating and clamminess, though no fever is subjectively evident.
Merino wool buffers your body against extremes of heat and cold, breathes to prevent clamminess, resists odour for weeks, and protects against sun and fire.
Our conclusion was not to the general level of clamminess but possibly to the humidity levels inside a house.
And once again, he feels the clamminess that oozed from the pores of face and body skin.