adj.1.same as clamorous.
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Before his finale, he brought a clamourous crowd round the stage for a rendition of Celebration, joking that he had probably won the Eurovision Song Contest in1968 with the hit.
In the large porcelain installation work Along the River, however, innocent bodies, coerced by a clamourous secular world, become alienated and distorted.
One-eyed, all knowing and draped in his cloak and hood, Woden strode effortlessly across the land when the weather was fine - but when it was stormy he careered across the dark sky at the head of a clamourous wild hunt.
The composer Adam Cork's soundscape ensures that the play satisfies aurally, as well, sea shanties lending a clamourous texture to a play whose occasional crudenesses are inseparable from its lasting import.
This is the view, held by a small but increasingly clamourous minority, that we are in danger of making the same mistake over brutalist architecture that we did over the Victorian architecture it replaced.
In a time of massive upheaval, compounded with paedophilia scandals, a more clamourous faithful insistent on being heard and open are revealed in the Austrian and German pews.
The left-hander suffered a moment of doubt as he passed the 90 mark, and was beaten by three successive deliveries by fast-medium pacer Ian Butler on 93, the second of which produced a clamourous appeal from the New Zealand fielders.
Indeed, from the moment he walked on to the clammy and clamourous Centre Court the man from Belgrade looked in control.