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Kept or done in secret, often to conceal an illicit or improper purpose. See Synonyms at secret.

[Latin clandestīnus, probably blend of *clam-de, secretly (from clam; see kel- in Indo-European roots) and intestīnus, internal; see intestine.]

clan·des′tine·ly adv.
clan·des′tine·ness, clan′des·tin′i·ty n.
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The habit, practice, or policy of keeping secrets:
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This clandestineness is especially seen in "(http://ibtimes.
Himitsu, which means "secret" in Japanese, is a spinoff of chef Fuyuhiko Ito's sushi hotspot, Umi, that blends the exclusive feel of a Tokyo cocktail bar and the clandestineness of American prohibition.
Both these behaviors associated with courting and romance acquire a tinge of clandestineness from her situation, and for that reason we may deduce that even friendly critics such as Emma and Mr.