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A metallic sound, sharp and hard but not resonant: the clank of chains.
intr.v. clanked, clank·ing, clanks
To make a sharp, hard, metallic sound.

[Probably imitative.]

clank′y adj.


adj, clankier or clankiest
informal making clanking sounds
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The mixing might be a little bit clanky but the spirit and the heartbeat of what I'll be playing will be what people recognise and love.
The Government is looking at the IR35 with a view to overhaul a system that has been proven to be clanky and burdensome.
But I've got a really cool Land Rover Camel Trophy edition with a noisy and clanky TDI diesel engine.
His indelible Southern drawl leads a sonic brigade of crunchy guitars and clanky, trashcan drums that erupts into the anthematic chorus, "I got a dream.
Palivove Clanky - Progresivni Technologie pro Ekologickou Vyrobu Energie.
It began in Bristol in 1832 when four businessmen saw the future and knew that it would work in a clanky, smut-spitting, smoky sort of way.
The trees are part of a massive landscaping investment the state agency makes to muffle clanky roadway noise and add easy-breathing aesthetics to its 45,000 miles of highway and freeway lanes.
For almost two hours, we sat on clanky metal chairs discussing rising gas and food prices, home foreclosures, declining wages, increasing personal debt, and our fears for the future.
Whatever the concerts offer they'll be clanky and clunky, jangling and full of detailed decorative filigrees, as Rose's bottleneck slides across the strings rattling into infinity.
a) Pass the ammunition; (b) Chocolate (before segregation in the army this was written to encourage enlistment of blacks); (c) wing and a prayer; (d) Zero (Johnny was a lousy scholar but great flyer); (e) this Hoagy Carmichael number claimed the longest title ever: "I'm a cranky old Yank in a clanky old tank in the streets of Yokohama with my Honolulu mama singin' the neat-o, neat-o, knock me off my feet-o Hirohito Blues"; (f) the "Big Show" (the song was featured in the movie Captains of the Clouds starring Billy Bishop, with James Cagney and Dennis Morgan as supporting actors).
The popular will has been thwarted at least three times (1876, 1888 and 2000) by the clanky, undemocratic machinery of the Electoral College.