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When at last the flickering blue flame had been transferred to the wick and began to expand and clarify, and shed a wide circle of misty brightness round the gig, it became possible for the two young men to see each other and the thing they had along with them.
Neither is this to be understood only of faithful counsel, which a man receiveth from his friend; but before you come to that, certain it is, that whosoever hath his mind fraught with many thoughts, his wits and understanding do clarify and break up, in the communicating and discoursing with another; he tosseth his thoughts more easily; he marshalleth them more orderly, he seeth how they look when they are turned into words: finally, he waxeth wiser than himself; and that more by an hour's discourse, than by a day's meditation.
I believe it was Hazlitt whom I read first, and he helped me to clarify and formulate my admiration of Shakespeare as no one else had yet done; Lamb helped me too, and with all the dramatists, and on every hand I was reaching out for light that should enable me to place in literary history the authors I knew and loved.
The final rule contains an additional change to clarify the requirement for government oversight of contractor personnel.
Now that the campus has a conceptual understanding of the process, it is time to clarify their role in that process.
CLARiFY provides efficient and straightforward management and control of coding information, to ensure that accurate and appropriate data is printed on every production run.
Clarify that boilerplate confidentiality statements included on routine electronic communications are not "conditions of confidentiality.
EPA also agreed to clarify definitions of "clean charge" and "internal scrap.
By enhancing our level of service and our customer responsiveness capabilities, we believe Clarify will help us grow our business.
Hence the need for Clarify, which is very strong in the call center sector.
64 of the Federal Register to clarify the required Medicare assessment schedule, which says that assessments must be performed on days 5, 14, 30, 60, and 90 after admission.
TO CLARIFY the applicability of Statement on Standards for Attestation Engagements no.