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A woodwind instrument having a straight cylindrical tube with a flaring bell and a single-reed mouthpiece, played by means of finger holes and keys.

[French clarinette, feminine diminutive of Old French clarin, clarion, clarion; see clarion, or of Provençal clarin, oboe (from Old Provençal clar, clear, from Latin clārus; see clear).]

clar′i·net′ist, clar′i·net′tist n.
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Noun1.clarinetist - a musician who plays the clarinetclarinetist - a musician who plays the clarinet  
instrumentalist, musician, player - someone who plays a musical instrument (as a profession)
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Like many young clarinetists, I began in Klose's Celebrated Method for Clarinet, dutifully practicing "plain sounds" and "exercises of mechanism" along with countless scale and chord patterns with various articulations.
13 on ystiklal Street, where a procession of clarinetists, dancers and a percussion ensemble will perform live along the most crowded street in ystanbul.
And he traveled to Japan, Canada, and England to learn from other professional clarinetists and attend music festivals.
This was given by Michael McHale - an Irishman and one of the finest pianists of the new generation - and Michael Collins, an Englishman with a famous Irish name and one of the finest clarinetists of any generation.
Hailed as one of the most talented clarinetists in the world, Grammenos, will perform alongside Doha String Quartet and Sonja Park.
Fellow clarinetists deferred to McGarity because of her experience and rank.
The donation includes solo pieces, concertos, sonatas, chamber music, and many other genres, along with numerous recordings of clarinetists.
Drawing inspiration from the Belgian-born Django Reinhardt's work with American jazz clarinetists in the 1930s, Django a la Creole comprises two guitars and double bass, weaving sultry rhythms around a soaring clarinet.
There may be few jobs for principal clarinetists, but there are practically none for composers.
39, with clarinetists Lorin Levee and Monica Kaenzig in heavenly duet.
A North East-born teacher who went on to become one of the UK's best-known clarinetists has died.
For old clarinetists such as I, hearing the first cut on this 3-CD set is probably enough to justify buying the whole package (which is priced below full price).