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Noun1.class Bivalvia - oystersclass Bivalvia - oysters; clams; scallops; mussels  
Mollusca, phylum Mollusca - gastropods; bivalves; cephalopods; chitons
bivalve, lamellibranch, pelecypod - marine or freshwater mollusks having a soft body with platelike gills enclosed within two shells hinged together
spat - a young oyster or other bivalve
family Tridacnidae, Tridacnidae - large marine hard-shell clams
Cardiidae, family Cardiidae - somewhat heart-shaped sand-burrowing bivalve mollusks
family Pteriidae, Pteriidae - pearl oysters
Anomiidae, family Anomiidae - saddle oysters
genus Placuna, Placuna - windowpane oysters
Arcidae, family Arcidae - ark shells
family Mytilidae, Mytilidae - marine mussels
family Unionidae, Unionidae - freshwater mussels found worldwide
family Pholadidae, Pholadidae - a family of Bivalvia
class - (biology) a taxonomic group containing one or more orders
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In the latter site, the polychaetes of the family Capitellidae and the class Bivalvia were the most abundant, with 114 and 44 individuals respectively.
Gray, 1826); order Pectinoidea (Rafinesque, 1815); subclass Pteriomorphia (Beurlen, 1944) within the class Bivalvia (Linnaeus, 1758).
Lucinapectinata (Gmelin, 1791), a species popularly known in Brazil as 'almeja' or 'lambreta', is a mollusk belonging to the class Bivalvia, order Veneroida, family Lucinidae.
violacea, is a tropical freshwater clam that belongs to the class Bivalvia and the Corbiculidae family (Lamprell and Healy 1998:180182; Ledua et al.