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Noun1.class feeling - feelings of envy and resentment of one social or economic class for toward another
ill will, enmity, hostility - the feeling of a hostile person; "he could no longer contain his hostility"
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Before Avis Everhard was born, John Stuart Mill, in his essay, ON LIBERTY, wrote: "Wherever there is an ascendant class, a large portion of the morality emanates from its class interests and its class feelings of superiority.
Maybe they are fed up with the self-appointed ruling class feeling that simply by demonising Jeremy Corbyn and the opposition they can somehow frighten the electorate in supporting them.
The erosion in real earnings in the decade since the crash has made people poorer while the decimation of pension schemes has left members of the supposed middle class feeling financially insecure.
Trust me, you won't be the only one in your class feeling like this right now.
Everyone could relate to that: the upper class feeling besieged by squatters all around and putting up walls that would shame Jericho, complete with barbed wire charged with electricity; the middle class in mortal fear of being robbed in broad daylight while in a jeep, taxi or bus; the urban poor who know that their neighbor sells shabu or, worse, operates a drug den for users.
These classes typically focus just as much on bonding as fitness so you may leave each class feeling closer to your baby and your fitness goals.
Chain reaction: Even if you arrive feeling down in the dumps, you glide out of the class feeling amazing, as you get waves of happy hormones rushing round your body, lifting your mood.
As little as 20 minutes of recess can send students back into class feeling energized and more prepared to succeed.
I remember leaving his class feeling that I had learned a lot with him.
I hope my students leave class feeling more confident," she says, "inspired to take their own movement, push it in new directions, and find new ways to create.
I also wanted to be a teacher and hated the thought of standing in front of a class feeling self-conscious.
I have never walked out of a journalism class feeling uninspired.