classical architecture

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Noun1.classical architecture - architecture influenced by the ancient Greeks or Romansclassical architecture - architecture influenced by the ancient Greeks or Romans
cyma, cymatium - (architecture) a molding for a cornice; in profile it is shaped like an S (partly concave and partly convex)
architectural style, style of architecture, type of architecture - architecture as a kind of art form
Greek architecture - the architecture of ancient Greece
Roman architecture - the architecture of ancient Rome
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These are enduring memorials, which show the power of classical architecture to convey meaning and dignity.
He is also a trustee of the Morgan Library & Museum, former chairman of the Institute of Classical Architecture & Art, former president of the board of the Poetry Project at St.
On the other bank is the Louvre, built continuously from the Middle Ages to the nineteenth century: classical architecture at its most splendid and assured.
Deposits and Guarantees required: Please note the different tranches of classical architecture Mission (sketch, preliminary design, planning permission, final design, tendering, execution control - including provisional acceptance, final account and final acceptance) are called Stages.
Terry has been awarded Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE) for services to classical architecture "in recognition of the achievements and service of extraordinary people right across the United Kingdom".
Despite his paintings concentrating on classical architecture, he has few problems with the way Liverpool's city centre has been transformed.
particular qualities of scale, structure, proportion, mass and the whole language of Gothic or Classical architecture are available to be selected, absorbed and reinterpreted within a painting.
It meshes modern and classical architecture and is something to behold… a must see for everyone who visits Abu Dhabi," said another.
The set is predominantly black, with a large lump of ruined classical architecture dominating one wall--both features of rather a lot of productions these days.
Dodd is Fellow Emeritus at The Institute of Classical Architecture.
Commenting on the dominance of Kensington and Chelsea, Nitesh Patel, an economist at Lloyds TSB, said: "In recent years, its prime location in central London and classical architecture has attracted affluent celebrities and ultra wealthy foreign businessmen, helping drive up property prices.
With their stunning array of classical architecture set alongside modern developments, the UK's most expensive residential streets are centred around the many crescents and squares in Kensington and Chelsea.

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